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There are three projects approved by the municipal council for the volunteering of Bra who will find financing in the municipal budget. A quarter, dedicated to youth issues, can be financed if it fails to raise funds from other organizations that have been asked to contribute. The City Council of the City of Zizzola has decided to ratify the decision taken last November by the Assembly that decided to allocate 3.800 euro to the project "Compiting ... we have fun learning", twelve thousand to the initiative "Swimming for the disabled" and 2.334,50 euro to "Donor sana..donazioni constanti".

During the traditional meeting at the end of the year, the Club di Bra has been awarded the Panathlon Prizes, which every year are awarded to local athletes who have achieved prestigious results during the course of the year and to technicians or managers who perform meritorious works in the sports field . For the 2007 the Augusto Lorenzoni Prize has been awarded to Daria Meinardi, born in Turin but now adopted by adoption as she moved to the city of Zizzola for about fifteen years.

Last meeting of the year for the Municipal Council for Equal Opportunities of Bra. Among the topics addressed, the analysis of the functionality of the consultancy set up by the local health authority, with the aim of getting to know this service better and more through a meeting with the sector manager who will be organized in the early months of the 2008.

New membership for the Ca.In. consortium, the inter-municipal body that deals with the management of the problems of canine stray dogs for about forty municipalities distributed between Langhe and Roero. During the Assembly of Mayors, which took place in Bra on Tuesday 18 2007 in December under the presidency of the first citizen of Feisoglio Bruna Gallo, the entry into the consortium of the Municipality of Narzole was ratified, thus raising to forty-one the Municipalities that have joined the agreement. The Assembly then approved the budget for the year 2008, which is equal to 583.200 euro, with an outlay for the associated Municipalities estimated at about four hundred and ten thousand euro, twenty-five thousand less than the previous year.

Meeting at the Town Hall in Bra for the dozens of volunteers who responded to the announcement by the Municipality to create a civil service under the Zizzola for those already retired. Received by the mayor Camillo Scimone and the councilor Roberto Russo, the volunteers declared during the meeting the enthusiasm and willingness to make available time and skills for the good of the city. Among other things, the volunteers will restart the Pedibus project, the two-legged bus to reach the various car-free city schools, as well as ensuring a presence on the school transport buses.