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"I think it's important to know and let it be known that there are a number of useful tools to meet demand and job supply within families by simply turning to employment centers. " Thus, the councilor for the policies of the City of Bra, Massimo Borrelli, commented on the project ROSA (acronym for network for employment and family assistance), the initiative activated at the centers for employment of the province of Cuneo through eight counters aimed at encouraging the encounter between job seekers as family assistants and families in need of assistance.

A wide-ranging project to redesign the dislocation of Bra's school buildings. This is what was presented to the press today, Thursday 23 February 2012, during a meeting that involved the city administration of the city of Zizzola and the Province of Cuneo. The expected hypothesis is that of two buildings, one of the communal property and the other provincial, ie the current home of the Istis of Via Mendicità educated and the "Piumati" secondary school of via Barbacana, provincial administration to join the technical institutes in a new pole of the technical institutes in Piazza Giovanni Arpino and to liberate the building that today hosts the "Guala" institute in piazza Roma to give way to the central plexus of the middle schools.

Public incentives to switch from petrol to low environmental impact fuels, Gpl or methane gas. After the municipal administration of Bra had signed into the 2002 a convention called the "Low Impact Fuel" Initiative (Icbi), under a national incentive scheme for low impact fuel for the environment operatively managed by the municipality of Parma under the aegis of the Ministry of the Environment, citizens residing in Bra will be eligible for a contribution of 500 Euros for transforming the car to Gpl and 650 euros to switch to methane.

Even Bra joined the national campaign of Nci, the national association of Italian municipalities, "18 years in town!". The initiative aims to be an opportunity for the second generation generations of foreign families who, at the age of eighteen, may, in the current regulatory system, become Italian citizens in all respects.

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Rosario Esposito La Rossa has only 24 years but has already published three books and founded a very active association - Vo.di.Sca, Voices of Scampia - in memory of Antonio Landieri, innocent camorra victim. Young witness of our time and a difficult reality, La Rossa will tell his experience on Friday 2 March at 21 at the Cultural Center "G. Arpino ", within the fifth meeting of Bra's Peace School.