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It reads, plays and plays at the municipal library of Bra. Monday 12 March, at the 17 in the children's room of the structure in via Guala, in the context of "I lunedì in biblioteca", the Fabbroni dei Suoni di Venasca will stage "Cosi giallo". The following Monday, 19 March, children between the ages of three and seven will have fun with an overturned planet, thanks to the "The world upside down" workshop organized by the Associazione Le Mele Volanti. The 26 last round of the month of March, with the "crumbs of rhymes" by Elio Giacone.

Disregard of the steering wheel that was costly to a young wig. He was driving the family car when he ran into a control post at the Bra State Police, in Cherasco Street, at the gates of the City of Zizzola. After checking that he had obtained the license for a few weeks, the agents checked the car's circulation card, discovering that he had too many horses to be driven by a neopatentate.

At first he published a photograph depicting a vehicle from the municipal police in Bra. Then, with other friends on his Facebook page, they began commenting on the local police body of the town of Zizzola and its components. After a few laps, however, he left his hand and put in some heavy injuries.

A man was passing by his Hyudai Atos in Marconi to Bra passing through red at the traffic light of Valfrè square. The thing was noticed by a patrol of the municipal police in the town of Zizzola, who went to the pursuit of the Atos, succeeding in blocking it in the Fallen Square for freedom.

It was a success the initiative "Family and school: traveling to where?" Bra, who has scheduled four film appointments on Sunday afternoon to address some topical issues and reflect on the critical issues and perspectives of the two major education agencies. For this reason, two additional evening meetings were put on the agenda, which will focus on the theme of the afternoon months. Meetings will be held on Monday 12 and 26 March 2012, from 20: 45, in the lecture hall of the multifunctional cultural center "Giovanni Arpino" of Wide Resistance.