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Chi  he loves the musical can not lose it. Those who have never seen him should take the opportunity to fly. It is a timeless must, "Jesus Christ Superstar," born in 1970 from the genius of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice and soon became a worldwide case, translated into 22 countries, with over £ 100 million in cash. She comes to Bra with two out of date programs - Thursday 29 and Friday 30 March 2012 at 21 - musical excellence, which literally changed the history of rock and musical comedy.

Four people were deported to the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Alba for building abuses committed in Bra. Following an exhibition, police officers of the Barbadian Construction Police Headquarters, co-ordinated by Inspector Claudio Taretto, started investigations that led to a case in which two subjects, BC and MC, husband and wife, had required permission to build a building on the periphery of the wool braid without ever having been released. The two had, however, carried out the work, thus incurring a criminal offense.

The civic musical institute "Adolfo Gandino" from Bra is confirmed as a nursery talent. In recent days, student Donato Murru obtained a trumpet diploma at the Conservatory of Trieste, obtaining 8's vote on 10. Murru studied with Master Alessandro Caruana and now - after being musically and professionally raised in the walls of the "Gandino"  he has also become a teacher.

He will recover in a month AF, the thirty-year-old treble pedagogue, invested in Bra on the pedestrian strips of via Vittorio Emanuele in recent days, in front of the Santo Spirito hospital. To invest the Lancia Ypsilon by SMA, fifty-year-old Sommariva Bosco, with the pedestrian crossing the road heading course San Secondo hit by the vehicle heading for Turin.

Two patrols of the municipal police in Bra checked the road traffic in the city this morning, Wednesday 7 March 2012. Checkpoints were set up in the center and in the Oltreferrovia, with twenty-two minutes challenged to as many drivers surprised to commit violations.