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Double session for the city council of Bra, scheduled for Wednesday 21 March 2012. From 17: 45, in the civic building, simultaneously with the highest civic assemblies of all the main cities of the province of Cuneo, the topic of the rights of people with disabilities will be debated, within an open discussion that will involve under the Zizzola also representatives of the Aghav, Friends of Daniela, Oba, Vism and Sportiamo associations. In addition, live video from the Milanollo theater of Savigliano, will be proposed the lectio magistralis of Professor Andrea Canevaro, entitled "We enter all and all in the history of the world".

At the end, the assembly headed by Fabio Bailo will formally adhere to the principles of the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, before starting an ordinary session of work, which will allow the discussion of some agendas concerning the new rules on the single treasury , solidarity with Italian soldiers detained in India and regional cuts to the Edisu. The tax rates of the new municipal tax, the IMU, are being discussed, with the creation of a compensatory fund for the weakest sections of the population following the 2012 tax measures.

French students visiting the Bra town hall. A few days ago under the Zizzola for an exchange of experiences with their peers of the "Velso Mucci" professional institute, some students of the "Léon Blum" professional high school in Draguignan were received this morning, Wednesday 14 March 2012, in civic palace by the mayor Bruna Sibille and the president of the city council Fabio Bailo. (Rg)

For the third consecutive year, the Municipality of Bra, adhering to the initiative of the Libera Association, renews the participation appointment for the "Day of Memory and Commitment to remember the innocent victims of all the mafias". This will happen under the Zizzola on Wednesday 21 March 2012, meeting at 16 in Piazza Falcone and Borsellino, from where a procession will start in the direction of the City.

Direct, without peripheral and absolutely operational, already from the title. This is a summary of the operational table on "possible work", opened yesterday, Tuesday 13 March 2012, in the municipality of Bra with the participation of all the actors who, at the local level, represented needs, opportunities and critical issues arising from the economic crisis. It was thus possible to gather around a table representatives of the world of institutions, production categories, workers, local associations and employment agencies.

How would it be to live in an inverted planet? You can discover it on Monday 19 March, at the 17 in the reading room of the municipal library of Bra, with the laboratory "The world upside down" of the association Le Mele Volanti. The afternoon of reading and games is aimed at children from three to seven years and fits within the initiative "I monday in the library", which also continues the following week - Monday 26 March, in the structure in via Guala - with the "Crumbs of rhymes" by Elio Giacone.