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Spring arrives at the Bra library, and brings with him small poems to read together. Children from three to seven are invited to participate in "Rice Crumbs", a reading workshop by Elio Giacone scheduled for Monday 26 March at 17 in the reading room of the structure in via Guala. The next Monday, April 2, as part of "Monday in the Library", the RESPIRO association will introduce to all children "The Easter Rabbit", a cute theme character with the coming holidays.

It was proclaimed for Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 March 2012 a national strike of environmental hygiene operators. For this reason, even in Bra, there may be a lack of passage in waste collection. Municipal offices are available for critical or emergency situations, by calling the 0172.438313 number. (Rg)

New for minors who want to travel outside Italy, since 26 June 2012 all minors will only be able to do so with an individual travel document. Since this date, minor registrations are no longer valid on the passport of parents. However, passports bearing the registration of minor children, but only for holders, remain valid until the natural deadline.

Non-EU citizens registered in the register of the resident population are obliged to renew the declaration of habitual residence in the municipality within sixty days of renewal of the residence permit. For this reason, the municipal administration of Bra has made these days a series of posters and flyers to inform the citizens of the obligation. The statement may be made by the holder of the permit also for the family members present on the same residence permit.

He is known as one of the great virtuosos of the piano of the nineteenth century, has revolutionized technique and relationship with the public and was the composer who most valued, in his music, the Italian literary and artistic heritage. A little more than two centuries after its birth, Bra pays tribute to Franz Liszt with the review "Spring concerts - The lost sounds", musical appointments with free entry to the most beautiful places in the city: the baroque Church of the SS. Trinità, the prestigious Teatro Politeama Boglione and Palazzo Mathis, with its marvelous frescoed rooms.