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The gentle clientele of the Laboratory Analysis of the Presidium Bra Hospital will be returned to the reception center located at the bottom of the corridor to the right by entering the concierge (where they had already done so) on Monday 5 September.
The renovation of the premises and renovation of the furnishings were completed within the deadlines. The staff is delighted to accommodate the users in more decent and more decent spaces to ensure greater privacy. At the same time, however, it is still necessary, for the very beginning, for fellow citizens to adapt to the new access path that will be diversified for those who have already been booked (those will have priority), from those who access directly without reservation, Oral Anticoagulant Therapy (TAO). Meanwhile, thank you for having patiently endured some discomfort during the month when the withdrawals were made in the Laboratory rooms with fortune placement.(Asl 18 press office)
Work continues in the Fey railway tunnel in Bra Municipality. Trenitalia, the concessionaire for rail transport on the Alba-Cavallermaggiore route, told the Treid's Administration yesterday that the intervention, initially scheduled until August 28, will continue for four months. The reason for this is to proceed to a more consistent and radical operation than initially envisaged.

It is published on the website of the City of Bra, at www.comune.bra.cn.it in the section on "Services to Business", the call for tenders for the municipal administration insurance, divided into seven different lots of tender, and the special tender specifications prepared by the insurance broker who attends the offices of the Civic Palace. These are deals that can be submitted for injuries, legal protection, theft, fire, electronics, civil liability and Rc car insurance.

During the week, changes have taken place in the city roadway decided by the Braille Commune Commission in recent months. To be interested in the measures were via Ballerini, which now can only be traveled in the direction of via Solferino, and the first section of Via De Gasperi, located near the headquarters of the Civil Protection, now available in the direction of the supermarket.

Fifteen children arrived yesterday in Bra on Thursday, September 1st, 2005, from the Gomel area, Belarus, during the therapeutic holiday planned for the population affected by the Chernobyl nuclear tragedy. Thanks to the activism of the local Chernobyl Children's Friends Committee, children are housed for a month by families in the area, and during the day they do play and play activities, as well as undergoing medical examinations that are not possible at home.
For them an articulated program that will have the elementary school of Madonna Fiori, providing instructional moments in the morning, with the accompanying Katia and the educators who will teach them some words in Italian, while the space reserved for the game will be cropped in the afternoon. Among them, a visit to Liguria in Laigueglia marina braidese in Laigueglia has already been planned, as well as anticipating her involvement in the many animation moments that Bra will offer in September.