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Intense judicial police activity that has been done in recent days by the agents of the Municipal Police of Bra. Four people are referred to the judicial authority for several offenses committed. A 50-year-old Bra was denounced for drunken drunkenness and for attacking the manager of a bar in the center. Luckily the bartender suffered slight injuries, healing in a few days.

Some students celebrated the end of the school-based year at Vittorio Emanuele, in Pollenzo di Bra, in recent days. At the time of leaving the square, however, they did not clean up. The following morning, a municipal police patrol pat during a perlustrazione in the hamlet was in front of an indecorous show, as dozens of beer bottles, liqueurs and wine had been abandoned on the pavement, destroying and smudging the square.

With the arrival of the heat, Bra's billboards also go on vacation. Like every year, the City Council of the City of Zizzola has decided to suspend payments in the city center stop areas from Monday 11 until Sunday 31 August 2008. From September 1 2008 the car park will be back to normal. (Rg)
Starting on Friday, August 1st, 2008 will be running Bra's three free self-cleaning public services. The three Vespasians were hired by the municipal administration for five years and installed in several squares of the city: Piazza Roma, Piazza Giolitti and the Italian Atletic Park.

Bra is expanding the work of extending the nursery of Via Ospedale. This morning, Wednesday 30 July 2008, Mayor Camillo Scimone, Public Works Councilor Gianfranco Dallorto and Youth Policy Adviser Roberto Russo made an on-site visit to the construction site, along with the head of the second city school, Dr Silvana Manna . With them the municipal technicians who followed the intervention and three of the teachers who work within the facility that will be available with the new school year.