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It will be the principles contained in the new European Constitution, signed in the Capitol on October 29 by the heads of state of the twenty-five member states of the EU, at the center of the afternoon debate scheduled in Bra on Saturday 20 November 2004. During the 16 hours, in the conference room of the Cultural Resistance Center "Giovanni Arpino" of wide resistance, the Eussor network organized a meeting in the framework of "1000 debates for Europe", initiated on a proposal by the Presidents of Parliament and the Commission to discuss local issues of the Treaty of Rome.

Even a small gesture can help achieve great results. The Joint Municipal Network, the association that has more than one hundred communes along the Peninsula, including Bra, in order to gather international experience of international cooperation implemented by local authorities, organized a "Solidarity Lottery" to fund activities of awareness and intervention on issues of international cooperation.

What are the ways to reconcile family and work needs for women in the new millennium? Responding to the question will be representatives of the local economy and social forces in the country, who will evaluate the opportunities offered by the legislation also in light of the latest provisions, increasingly flexible-oriented as a model to reconcile demand needs and job offerings. All this will take place during a conference entitled "Women and Work. What is the conciliation flexibility? ", Scheduled at Bra, in the halls of the Large Resistance Cultural Center" Giovanni Arpino "on Saturday 13 November 2004 from 9: 15 to 13: 30.

Nine unemployed graduates can find Bra in a fixed-term employment opportunity at City Hall. From Monday 8 on Thursday 18 November 2004 you will be able to apply for the Bra Center (via Vittorio Veneto 14B, from Monday to Friday from 9: 30 to 13) or Alba (via Acqui 15 from Monday to Friday Friday from 9: 30 at 13 and on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 15 to 16: 30) to participate in the "yard", which will last about 150 days (about six months) for thirty-five hours a week starting next December .

It is a specific ordinance of the Municipal Administration Department that sets up for the historic center of Bra, from Tuesday 2 next November, the ways of conferring and collecting the home of the new waste collection service and "door to door" waste.
With this measure, new provisions are laid down on the ban on bags and bins destined for undifferentiated waste to be disposed of in landfills, such as paper and board, plastics, glass, exhausted batteries, bulky remedies and bulk waste, and collection methods and conferring on the various types of waste that must be conferred on the municipal collection system.