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There is also Bra in the new board of management of the Tourist Promotion Association "The Lands of Savoy". Although formal adherence of the town administration of the town of Zizzola will take place only next year, the councilor of the Cultural Resources and Tourism Council, Michelino Davico, has joined the council chaired by Giovanni Quaglia, who has in Evelina Christillin his honorary chairman and Umberto Pecchini, the managing director.

New for property owned by Bra. In the meeting yesterday, Tuesday 16 November 2004, the City Council decided to entrust the technicians of the Municipal Public Works Department, led by the architect Giovanni Galletto, the task of carrying out the design of some interventions aimed at maintaining in good efficiency some public buildings .

A piano seminar for the students of the Civic Institute of Music "Adolfo Gandino" of Bra is scheduled for Friday 26 November 2004 at the Auditorium of the institute, via Parpera 16. The meeting will see Japanese professor Nariaki Sugiura as professor.

You still work in Pollenzo. In the framework of the redevelopment of the hamlet fraction, the municipal administration will invest another twenty-two thousand euros to arrange a stretch of via Fossano and Via Amedeo di Savoia. The two interventions were included in the third variant of the work on the access roads and placement of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele (overlooking the headquarters of the University of Gastronomic Sciences, the castle and the church of San Vittore), approved in these days by the City Council of the City of Zizzola.

Ten containers to collect the "needs" of four-legged friends will be placed in Bra. It provides for the new contract for the collection of waste in the city, which is going to work in these months.