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Also this year the "Craveri" Civic Museum of Natural History, in collaboration with the "Amici dei Musei" association in Bra, joins the "Week of Planet Earth - Italy to discover the Geosciences", a scientific popularization festival in its eighth edition. The appointment is for Sunday 4 October 2020, when the geologist Marco Terenzi will guide the participants on an excursion to the paleontological site of Verduno (Gurej locality) to discover the geological evolution undergone by the Braidese territory over 6 million years.

The awaited appointment with the “Pro Loco in città” is back in Bra, an opportunity to taste the gastronomic specialties of Piedmont cooked as they once were. This seventeenth edition of the event, to the delight of all lovers of good food, will no longer be concentrated in a single day, but will be divided into a long weekend that runs from Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 September 2020. All appointments at the table. evening starting at 18pm and on Sunday for lunch.

Following an agronomic survey aimed at assessing the state of some trees belonging to the Municipality of Bra, serious and irremediable static problems were found for two cedars (cedrus deodara): one located in the roundabout of via Cuneo, at the intersection with via the Rosselli brothers, and one in the Belvedere gardens. For this reason, in order to avoid damage to people and / or property in case of particularly intense weather events, on Saturday 26 September 2020 the first will have to be shot down, while the second will be shot down on the following Monday, 28 September, with closure temporary of the Gardens for the time necessary for the intervention.

Due to bad weather the appointment with Bra Mon Amour, originally scheduled for this evening, Thursday 24 September 2020, is postponed to Sunday 4 October as part of the "From Cortile to Cortile" event.

On Sunday 20 and Monday 21 September 2020, the constitutional referendum will be voted. For months, in view of this deadline and collecting the requests of many families, the municipal administration of Bra has started an intense activity to allow elections in the city without interrupting, as much as possible, the school activities in the presence, a few days from the start of the new school year and after the long lockdown period.