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It was received this morning, Thursday 15 December 2005, from the town council of Bra Father Ettore Molinaro, who recently retired. During the meeting, the first citizen Camillo Scimone wanted to recall the importance of a life dedicated from 1971 to Bra's "Craveri" Natural Sciences Museum of Bra, as Director and after retirement as honorary scientific director of a historic museum museum, where he was one of the protagonists in the reopening and installation of museum collections.

Olympic Air at Bra, Thursday 12 January of next year. A few weeks after the official launch of the Torino 2006 games, some of the city's public schools will participate in a presentation of the upcoming "Winter Paralympics", the event dedicated to disabled athletes who will follow the subalpine Olympic Games.

A greeting to the 2005 dancing for the elderly braids. Thursday, December 29, from the 15 hours, will be the usual festival in the Conference Room of the Large Resistance Cultural Center "Giovanni Arpino". Until 18: 30, all participants will be able to swing on the notes of the balls and make a good wishful wish for the new year in the company of municipal administrators. Entry is free. (Rg)
It will meet at 9 30 20 on Tuesday 2005 December XNUMX, at the House of Resistance at the Civic Palace, the Council of the Boys of Bra. Among the issues on the agenda, the analysis of the results of the questionnaire realized in recent months to support the initiative "Pedibus", a project aimed at encouraging the use of the most ecological means of locomotion, namely its ends, to reach the school each morning.

Monday 19 next December, at 16 45, the "Magical Christmas" animation meeting is scheduled in the Bra Music Library's Kids Room. Considering the numerous requests that testify to the success of the initiative related to the project "Nati to read", the municipal structure is "done in two" to not dissatisfy anyone, organizing a second meeting on the theme of Christmas.