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SIGNED this morning, Monday 22 March 2010, at the headquarters of the provincial administration, the memorandum of understanding between the province of Cuneo, municipal administrations of the seven sisters, representatives of the Prefecture, Police, Carabinieri, ASL and orders of the lawyers of the province, for the promotion of shared strategies in the fight against violence against women. Accepted by the Equality Councilor of the Province of Cuneo, Anna Mantini, the signatories of the agreement signed a document that gives continuity to a project already started last year, implementing the regional prevention and support plan for women victims of violence physical and sexual.

A jump back in time, taking two millennia of civilization in one breath. Sunday 11 April 2010 will restart the days dedicated to learn more about what the Roman civilization has left on the Piedmontese territory. Building on the success of the previous editions, "Following the tracks of the Romans" starts again with the same formula that has been appreciated in the past, with shuttles departing from Turin and a structured program of visits that will take visitors to Bra and Pollenzo, beyond that at Bene Vagienna, a true novelty of the 2010 edition.

On the occasion of the weekly market last Friday, agents of the municipal police command of Bra carried out a series of checks to stop and counter the phenomenon of begging harassing. A dozen controlled and identified subjects. To five of them, all nomads, the violations foreseen by the new ordinance on urban security, issued by the municipal administration to curb the phenomenon, have been contested. The checks will continue in the next few weeks. (Municipal Police of Bra)
It is "9 District", the first work of Neil Blomkamp, ​​the title that closes the young film festival in Bra. Wednesday 31 March 2010, beginning at 21: 30 at the Metropolis hall of the Vittoria cinema in Via Cavour, will be possible to attend the screening at the reduced price of 3,50 euro, for an initiative aimed at young people to reflect on the issue of values ​​and peace, promoted by the municipal administration in collaboration with the municipal youth council, as part of the "Bra città amica" (financed ex LR 67 / 95) project.

Eighty young volunteers from Bra for the food collection of the past few days. As part of the activities promoted by the city's middle schools, as part of the "Donacibo" initiative, and in the spirit of the approach to volunteering provided for in the municipal council of children's program, in recent days some young people attending the Plexus Via Barbacana of the middle school went to the headquarters of the food bank of Fossano, at the same time to some classes of the Pesso of via Brizio present in Macellai di Pocapaglia to carry out the same activity.