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From 1 in February, for the families of the City of Bra, will be active the new collection system differentiated with the extension of the "door-to-door" and the collection of organic waste promoted by the municipal administration, in collaboration with the company Aimeri Ambiente Srl The new service, anticipated in the recent weeks of the "Who differentiates the head" information campaign, envisages the extension of the home collection of the organic fraction (waste and scraps of food, greenery, etc.) to all the historic center, Madonna dei Fiori area, San Matteo and Bandito, confirming the current collection at Bescurone, as well as enhancing door-to-door collection for other materials, with the aim of extending home-based service to the entire city.

Even Bra will have a consultation for foreigners. To set up the municipal council that will meet on Monday 31 January 2011 at 18 X, to discuss an agenda that will also establish the municipal tax council, which will co-govern the civic administration on revenue, as will define the transition from communal communal to Committee on Security.

President Fabio Bailo will also question three motion texts. One before to support Cesare Battisti's extradition request. The second on reorganizing Piedmontese health companies. The third in non-metanized areas.

In the children's room of the Bra Library, via Guala 45, they continue the meetings with the project "Nati to read", the initiative of animated readings to promote the pleasure of reading even in children. After the 31 January appointment, with the writer Guido Quartz and the adventures of his brilliant crocodile, Monday 7 February 2011 at seventeen, wait for the small readers there will be the "Stregatoccacolor" association that will propose "Mork 3 and Strangers living being "

Meeting with Bra, yesterday Tuesday 25 January 2011, with Bianca Hessel Schlesinger, survived the Nazi persecution and author of the book "With the Wolves Behind". In the presence of Mayor Bruna Sibille, Chairman of the Municipal Council, Fabio Bailo, councilors and municipal councilors, the awful moment of racial persecution has been recalled.

An apparently normal family, where the roles of the couple are traditional and well-defined, with the satisfaction of both partners. Then comes Claudia. Who will be? This is one of the questions that Australian Joanna Murray-Smith puts on "Honor", the comedy that will be screened at Bra's Politeama Theater on Wednesday 2 February 2011. In the role of the protagonist, Honor, by interpreting a bourgeois wife, one of the icons of national theater, Paola Pythagoras, who will be on stage with Roberto Alpi, Viola Graziosi, Evita Ciri.