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"I think it is an interesting intervention, but the first step is to formalize the creation of a mixed working group that includes the Region, the Commune, the Province and the Rfs (Italian Railway Network, the spa of the Ferrovie dello Stato group that deals with rolling stock management, etc.) and to which members of the spontaneous committee formed in the city can also participate. We will soon have to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between all stakeholders, starting a design that will allow us to define the costs of intervention by the end of the year. Only at this point will you be able to talk about a program agreement, which can only be stipulated when there is certainty of resources. " So he spoke on the assumption of overcoming and overcoming the pass at Bra's level, the Regional Councilor for Transport Daniele Borioli, during the meeting organized by the Regional Advisor to the Public Works, the Bridal Brune Sibille.

The 18 July 2005 will begin work on the replacement and upgrading of water and gas pipelines in San Michele and Bra. Thanks to agreements with concessionaires, the gas network pressure will be increased and the pipeline of the municipal aqueduct will be greater. Considering the presence of the yard, there may be discomfort in the road segment between the nursing home and the church along the way.

The Representation of Statutory Auditors of ASL no. 18 "Alba / Bra", together with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Auditors and the Company's General Management, convened on 4 July 2005 for a thorough examination of the situation of the work of the new Hospital of Verduno.
During the meeting, it was unanimously reaffirmed the will of all local governments to quickly complete the procurement work for the assignment of the works.

As part of the Summer Festival of Operetta in Piedmont, and in the framework of the events of the "Bra City of Music" billboard, a classic in the square of Caduti Libertà di Bra is in the scene, which is among the protagonists Lorena Campari and Vito Martino. Elena and Paride, protagonists of one of the most famous classical myths of mythology celebrated in the Homeland of Iliad. These are the themes of interest of the "La Belle Helénè" show, scheduled for Friday 15 at 21,30 in 15, the cost of the XNUMX € ticket.

Stimulate more and more differentiated green and organic harvesting at Bra, by making special bin containers available to learn how to perform "compost" properly. This is what the "Offering Project", created by the waste collection service contractor company, is proposed by Sea, which has provided a promotional supply of one hundred and twenty compounds to the municipal administration, which will be able to allocate them in a commission to those who will ask for it.