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It was signed this morning, on Tuesday 30 May 2006, in a civic building in Bra, a convention that governs the activity of the wreath section of the Fire Volunteer Corps in the municipal area. With the measure, the Bra Municipality has wanted to use the specialized collaboration of this voluntary association that is engaged in municipal territory in prevention and rescue activities, particularly with regard to microcalamity (collapses, landslides, etc.) and in other civil protection support activities described in the municipal emergency plan.

It was renewed by four installing companies, the convention with the Bra Council to give the rabbit citizens the incentives to convert cars with low environmental impact fuels, such as methane gas or Gpl. The communal contribution is of 200 €, which will be added to the discount offered by the contracted workshops based on the type of plant and the characteristics of the car.

The tradition of the City Council of Bra continues in delivering a plaque to the raglan citizens who have distinguished themselves in the various sectors. This morning, Tuesday May 30 2006, it fell to judoka Guido Carnebianca and Francesco Arlorio, star of merit of one of the leading local companies.

A Bra you can book directly at the toll-800.218005 from Monday to Saturday between eight in the morning and 14 hours, free pickup of agricultural sheeting for their disposal. The service, which runs from February to October (excluding August), will be on the third Thursday of the month directly at the headquarters of the farms concerned, provided that the towels are differentiated between transparent polyethylene covers used for covering the greenhouses , blacks and mud guards and PVC sheets, as well as having to be cleaned by mud and bent. Waste these which can not be disposed of in roadblocks or through bulge or incineration.

Witness transfer to Bra, last Saturday, 27 May 2006, among the group of the first eight teachers of the Cape Verde archipelago engaged in an apprenticeship in the city's maternity schools and a second compartment of eight other teachers who will take an identical training course. As their colleagues have already done, these teachers also participate in the educational project that the City of Bra has promoted in the year 2005, with the contribution of the Piedmont Region, in favor of sixteen teachers of the Capoverdian children's schools. The second round expected, even for these teachers, the three-week training courses that will conclude on Saturday June 17 2006, as envisaged by the municipality. Even these teachers have been given accommodation with braid families who have given the opportunity to host the young trainees.