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The reading meetings for children between the ages of three and five are resumed on Monday, 15 January 2007 in Bra, at the City Library. The initiative is part of the national project "Nati per leggere", realized with the contribution of the Piedmont Region and the Cassa di Risparmio di Bra Foundation. Between the 17 and the 18 the boys will be able to listen to the reading of stories and fairy tales, in the awareness that the pleasure of reading is born and develops precisely from listening. It is from the first experiences of reading aloud made by adults that generates the love for the story, for the "stories", for the words. However, children rarely have the opportunity to hear aloud outside the family or school environment.

Five points on the agenda in Bra, for the first municipal council of 2007. The assembly presided over by Gian Massimo Vuerich will meet on 12 2007 January 18, at XNUMX, in the halls of the multi-purpose cultural center "Giovanni Arpino" of Largo Resistenza to discuss the new municipal building regulation, after the same provision had been withdrawn by the during the last board meeting. Among the other issues under discussion, a motion on the protection of the Piedmontese language, three questions and the variant of a Pecli for the area between via Don Orione and Crosassa road.

The registrations for the theater course organized by the Municipality in collaboration with the Tangram Teatro di Torino Association are open to Bra. The initiative is aimed at young people aged between fifteen and twenty-five and aims to provide, for those who have never faced a work on acting techniques, basic tools for experience on the stage. The work program includes interventions to improve the use of voice and diction, control and enhance the expressive abilities at the body level and provide the first tools of employing techniques useful to subsequently deal with the work on the character. The course is structured on a cycle of twenty weekly meetings, of two hours each, which will be held from January until June 2007 between the 16 and the 18 at the Auditorium of the multi-purpose cultural center "Giovanni Arpino". Cost of registration, one hundred and forty euros.

Start the pre-sales for the show by Giovanni Lindo Ferretti Bra entitled "Grazing words, raise thoughts", scheduled for Friday 12 January 2007, from 21 hours, at the Teatro Politeama. The theater box office will be open every day from 18 to 20 in Piazza Carlo Alberto and the cost of a single ticket will be eight euros. A bare stage, white lights, four chairs with the voice that reads, recites, chants and sings. These in extreme synthesis the contents of a concert that becomes a great theater, with Giovanni Lindo Ferretti (voice, meaning) flanked on stage by three musicians able to capture the public's attention: Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari (song), Raffaele Pinelli ( organetto) and Ezio Bonicelli (violin).

A meeting took place at the Town Hall in Bra to take stock of the planning of the crossing over the level crossing that cuts the city in two. The mayor Camillo Scimone, the regional councilor for public works Bruna Sibille, the regional councilor Franco Guida, the director of "the new Braidese" Domenico Dogliani, the municipal councilors for public works, Gianfranco Dallorto, and the Viabilità, Roberto Russo . During the meeting the three designers appointed by the municipal administration, the architect Fulvio Lovizolo and the engineers Valter Peisino and Guido Gaia, had the opportunity to present the feasibility study, which provides for the intervention an expenditure of about fifty million of Euro.