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He was circulating on his uninsured Fiat Punto when he ran into a checkpoint of the Municipal Police of Bra in Rome. The agents, noting the expired mark on the windshield, made a quick set of assays, from which it emerged that VFJM, a Dominican Dominant who lived in Bra, circulated without paying their vehicle insurance. The measures provided for in the Road Code are therefore taken: vehicle seizure and a record of seven hundred and forty-two euros.

A singular road accident happened on Monday 19 March in Piazza Carlo Alberto in Bra, near the intersection with Piazza Roma. Here, the Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz, forty-nine-year-old Romanian oirgine domiciled in Turin, during the maneuvers to get out of the impasse created by her access to the square hit the Opel Corsa owned by the MD, thirty-one braid. On the spot was immediately the patrol of the Preliminary intervention of the Municipal Police of Bra, which reached the road in via Trento and Trieste.

The reasons for the increase of the waste tax to Bra at the examination of the competent board committees. The discussion took place yesterday evening, 21 March 2007, when the Contracted Services and Budgeting Commissions, together with the board members, met with the participation of the Consortium of Bacino Albese Braidese waste services.

From Monday 26 March 2007, the Municipal Police Department of Bra will carry out severe checks to verify compliance with the restricted environmental area. After the first months of tolerance in which the citizen was informed about the January 15 decision, which we remember forbidding the censorship of certain categories of vehicles in certain time slots, will be targeted targeted checkpoints next week. Heavy fines for offenders, with fines of seventy-four to two hundred and forty-two euros.

Yesterday, Wednesday 21 March 2007, in the Municio in Bra, the two new vehicles equipped with the volunteer firefighting braids. The provision of an off-road vehicle and a car service has been made possible thanks to the contribution of some local companies that have funded spending and equipment. "The donation is an attention that some people make towards themselves and the community they are part of. That is why I thank the local companies who have had this feeling to be able to improve us to help. " These are the words of Gianni Mariano of the Cuneo fire brigade commander, before handing on braid companies and the Bra municipal administration a diploma of benevolence where the meaningful phrase "Everyone gave something, someone gave it all" is reported.