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Change the deadlines for the payment of municipal taxes to Bra. Welcoming the request from citizens, social partners and political movements, the City Council of the City of Zizzola has decided to differentiate the deadlines for the 2008, in order to avoid as much as possible the concomitance of payments. In particular, the Ici, the municipal property tax, must be paid in the deadlines of the 16 June and 16 December, while the expiry of the waste tax, no longer concurrent with the ICI but whose payments will be to be carried out within the dates of the 30 April and the 30 September.

In the afternoon of Saturday 8 March welcome surprise for executives of the AVIS Section of Bra, who received the visit of the President of the Piedmont Region Mercedes Bresso. A visit in informal tones, in the company of her husband, and flanked by the junta colleague Bruna Sibille to view the premises and equipment available to the local volunteer.(source: Avis Bra Press Office)
Road checks The municipal police station of Bra has withdrawn three driving passes to the same number of motorists who do not comply with the regular overhaul of their vehicle. Moreover, during a checkpoint in the hospital area, a Mercedes-class A was seized: the driver FC, forty years old from Bra, was surprised by a patrol in circulation without the prescribed insurance coverage that had expired for about a year and a half.

The Municipal Police patrol service on Sunday morning, at dawn, noticed that the traffic island at the intersection of Via Marconi with Via Vittorio Emanuele had been completely destroyed. After a quick check the agents noticed that in via Marconi there was a Lancia Ypsilon completely ruined in the front part: according to the traces present, the agents identified the car that had damaged the flower bed. According to the license plate, the owner of the vehicle was contacted: it is BA, a 20-year-old from Cherasco who, on Saturday last night, thanks to the speed, had finished on the traffic divider. The young person will have to compensate the Municipality of Bra for damages caused.

Wednesday 12 March 2008, starting from 21, at the Vittoria cinema in Via Cavour in Bra will host the opening night of the seventh edition of the Cinema Corto in Bra festival. On stage will be the Oscar-winning director and screenwriter Paul Haggis (his director of "Crash - Physical contact" and "In the valley of Elah" or the scripts for Eastwood of "Million dollar baby" and "Letters from Iwo Jima") and the writer Alessandro Baricco, returning from the closing of the Alba film festival, with whom the event in Braidese made an alliance to give an exclusive ten days of cinema in Piedmont. After the greeting by the authorities and the presentation of the program by the artistic director, curated by Luca Busso, Luisa Grosso and Stefano Sardo, the performance of the musicians Fabio Giacchino, Davide Garola and Mauro Battisti will be offered as an aperitif to the competition. The three jazz musicians, respectively at the piano, trombone and double bass, will play live two short films that have made the history of this art. At the beginning of the evening the short XEMMX "Vormittagsspuk" (Ghosts of the Morning) by Hans Richter will be presented, while the short film "Le ballet mécanique" (mechanical ballet) by Fernand Léger dating back to 1928 will end.