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He was very close to Bra, a city where he spent his youth. And Bra is dedicating a conference to him at the civico Teatro Politeama, entitled "Giovanni Arpino, sports journalist". Scheduled for Wednesday 5 March 2008 at 21, it will be an opportunity to remember the most beloved of the professional passions of Arpino, sport.

Good or bad, as long as you talk about it. In the week of the Sanremo Festival, Bra involuntary protagonist of the seven notes. It is the desecrating rap of the Elio and the Stories tese, entitled "The architect's answer" taken from the album "Studentessi", to mention the city of Zizzola in an ideal answer to the perplexities of the well-known rapper Mondomarcio on contemporary society. In the song is the voice of the architect Luca Mangoni, a long-time collaborator of the group and a well-known Milanese professional, to refer to Bra as an ideal destination for a not too ideal architect. His "Let's go to live in Bra" is the prelude to a philippics for the benefit of a city where to move in view of the possibility of building new houses.

Rides, attractions and kiosks also this year during the Easter festivities in Bra in Spreitenbach square, where children and adults have an appointment with the big fun fair. The amusement park will also be located in Piazza XX Settembre, changing the layout of the weekly market stalls. For the mornings of Wednesday 19 and 26 March 2008, the market of Piazza XX Settembre and Corso Garibaldi will be moved to Piazza Carlo Alberto, while on Friday 21 and 28 March 2008 the benches on the rise of Piazza XX Settembre will move to Piazza Roma, in front of the "Guala" Technical Institute.

Looking for project ideas to create a cutting-edge exhibition center. This is proposed by the municipal administration of Bra, which has launched a competition of ideas for the construction of a fairground in the area currently hosting the covered market. The competition also includes the qualification of the adjacent Belvedere garden: both interventions were planned within the integrated program for local development.

Do you count destiny? It is a question that we are still not sure of being able to give a clear answer. Friday 29 February 2008 from 21, on the stage of Politeama di Bra this existential dilemma will be at the base of the work "La sala del separée" from "The right woman" by Sandor Marai, with Massimo Wertmüller, Anna Ferruzzo, Alessia Sirano, costumes of Annamaria Morelli, with directing and drawing lights by Lello Serao.