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A visit to the consortium landfill of Cascina del Mago, in the municipality of Sommariva Perno, for the municipal directors of Braida. This is what the vice mayor Marcello Lusso and the commissioner for the concession services Alberto Rizzo proposed to the junta colleagues and councilors for the early afternoon of Friday 13 November 2009. The visit will help to better inform municipal administrators of the plant managed by Coabser, the Albanian Braidese waste services consortium, with a view to a series of actions to encourage waste reduction. (Rg)
Bra was also present at the meeting to define the memorandum of understanding on the actions to be activated to combat the phenomenon of violence against women. The president, Beatrice Arlorio, and the secretary, Luciana Gazzera, of the municipal council for equal opportunities in the city of Zizzola participated in recent days at the meeting center of the provincial administration in Cuneo at the appointment that was intended to present the guidelines of the document.

Will the electronic system to monitor the limited traffic area of ​​Bra be put into operation again? This is the question posed to the Councilor for traffic, Giuseppe Bonetto, during the meeting of the city council that was held yesterday, Thursday 29 September 2009. "At the time of our inauguration, the system had been inactive for more than a month. I think the reason has to do with the repeated occurrence of accidents, twenty-four altogether, with related claims for damages from individuals "- said the commissioner Bonetto -" A first case will be debated shortly and this first case will be a useful tool to verify the validity of the reasons of the municipal administration. An effect has already occurred, raising the premium due to the civil liability policy, which went from twenty-eight to fifty-five thousand euros, also due to the damage required for the bollards. The signs must then be improved, because the double traffic lights deceive ".

Bra too will have a municipal council of families. To decide this the city council of the city of Zizzola who, in yesterday's session on Thursday 29 September 2009, approved the statute. "We have researched the different national experiences to concretely translate the desire of this administration to put the family at the center of social, economic, labor and municipal services. This is why we have decided to create a family branch and to promote the constitution of the families' consultations "- said the councilor for family policies, Giovanni Fogliato, in illustrating the provision.

A regional aid of three thousand euros for the unemployed in Piedmont with an Isee (the indicator of the equivalent economic situation) equal to or less than thirteen thousand euros, which do not have any social shock (CIGS, CIGO, layoff in derogation, mobility allowance, of ordinary unemployment and in derogation). They will be given a prepaid credit card that allows you to withdraw at ATMs, make payments in shops and websites, and arrange transfers. Applications accepted are financed until the available resources are exhausted and must be submitted to the Piedmont Work Agency by January 29 2010.