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This morning, 4 November 2009 met in Bra, the city council of the boys. The advisory body, which involves representatives of students attending the last two classes of primary school and the entire lower secondary cycle, was chaired by Fabio Bailo, president of the city council, who stressed the solemnity of the date in the which the experience is restarted, and was greeted by the mayor Bruna Sibille ("we want to grow in you the desire to provide the largest voluntary service for the common good: devote some of their time to improve the city in which you live ") And by the councilor for education Giovanni Fogliato (" there is no age in which it is not possible to do something to improve Bra. But not everything that the adults need for the city we can see it ").

A work of "green" maintenance and furnishing brought to completion by volunteers who spontaneously made available their free time, having at heart a greater decorum for "the last dwelling place". They were applied with diligence and competence, so much so that on the occasion of the feast of All Saints and the commemoration of the dead, the citizens of the fractions Bandito and Pollenzo had the opportunity to visit their loved ones who are no more, in cemeteries treated and embellished with colorful flowers.

It will be an exhibition, in Bra, to honor the ideals associated with the 4th of November, National Unity Day. In the Resistance hall of the civic building, from Wednesday 4 November 2009, will be exposed documentary materials and various relics of world conflicts, without neglecting the events of the post-war, such as the inaugurations of the monument in Piazza Roma and Viale Rimembranze. Objective of the exhibition, the deepening of historical events, but also the memory of the fallen soldiers of every war.

Employment prospects in the main city company. This will be discussed this afternoon, Tuesday 3 November 2009, during a meeting at the civic building between the representatives of Abet Laminati and the mayor of Bra, Bruna Sibille, to take stock of the situation of a company that currently occupies about 700 employees. In the coming days the first citizen will meet the workers' representatives and the group leaders.

A census at Bra on the eternit roofs. This is what a warning issued by the mayor Bruna Sibille in recent days to get, by Monday 30 November 2009, a precise picture of the artifacts with the presence of asbestos, with the aim of participating in the announcement that could guarantee the braidsis to obtain contributions regional authorities for disposal.