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Finals in Bra for the Piedmontese language course entitled "The Piemontese language. The writers, the works, the places, the words ". The appointment is at the conference hall of the multi-purpose cultural center "Giovanni Arpino" on Tuesday evening at 21. The protagonist of the 3 May 2011 meeting will be Professor Sergio Gilardino, who will propose the theme "L 'esòtich ant la literatura piemontèisa".

Who is the magician Abras and, in his imaginative events, how much will the fantasy component inspire the stories he tells? To find out, the appointment is for Monday 2 May 2011 at the municipal library of Bra, when Elio Giacone continues in the boys room the appointments of animated readings for children from three to eight years. Seven days later, Monday 9, will be the young students of the middle school of Bra, with the first class E, to act for the "born to read" of Bra fairy tales with the theme "Once upon a time there was a king".

Proclaimed to Bra the winners of the photographic competition "Works and traditions of the countryside", which saw shots from all over Italy arrive in the city of Zizzola. Among the works, exhibited until May 1 in the church of San Rocco of the central Via Cavour, has excelled the Genovese Tatiana Chessa of Casarza Ligure with the photo "Le Comari", which represents three elderly women sewing, thus summarizing the role of female figure, always fundamental also in the agricultural and peasant world.

Expressions and idioms of the Piedmontese language at the theater. Begins Saturday 7 May 2011 in Bra the review "Na farabòla", the appendix to the billboard 2010 / 2011 that the Politeama theater dedicates to the dialect comedy. First appointment will be with the company "d'la Vila" of Verzuolo that will propose the fun "Son trovame en Paradis", a sophisticated fable with comic and sentimental aspects but with a romantic as unexpected happy end.

One of the most popular art exhibitions of the Piedmontese spring, the "Solo donna" of Palazzo Mathis in Bra, will close its doors by granting an elegant soirée on the tips. Sunday 8 May 2011, from 21 hours in the halls of the Politeama theater in Piazza Carlo Alberto, on stage Braide will be staged "Condition: woman", the ballet show, full of suggestions and meanings, presented by the company EgriBianco dance already in 1975 Festival d'Automne in Paris.