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Norma Estela Niero and Carlo Bessone, Citizens of Corral de Bustos, Argentinean Province of Cordoba, about to twin with Bra, were received this morning on Monday 18 September 2006 by the city administrators of the city of Zizzola, anticipating the delegation that will arrive to Bra tomorrow, led by the mayor of Corral de Bustos, Gustavo Miguel Torre.

Thanks to the collaboration of the City of Bra in particular, the Tourism & Sport Office has been successful, thanks to the clemency of time, the first public initiative of the Union of Veteran Sports Section Bra. Last Saturday 16 September, the torch symbol of the Veterans left Cuneo, in the presence of the President of the provincial CONI Prof. Attilio Bravi and of the Chair of the Veteran Section of Cuneo Giuseppe Cavallera, and reached Bra in the evening welcomed by a large audience.

In the first two weeks of September, six patrols of the Municipal Police of Bra were withdrawn by drivers who did not comply with the regular revision. Always during the inspections established in the city, the agents have withdrawn the license to a citizen of Albanian origin, resident in the city for about three years, who had not obtained the Italian license within one year of acquiring the residence in the territory of the state.

Bra was inaugurated in the new layout of the archaeological section of the civic museum of Palazzo Traversa. With a ceremony held on Saturday 16 September 2006, in the presence of numerous authorities, has baptized the new disposition of exposed objects, largely from the excavation campaigns made in Pollenzo hamlet, according to the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Piedmont based on the project drawn up by the architect Vischi of Turin.

Four road accidents occurred in Bra's last days that saw the involvement of the municipal police patrol. Saturday 2 September at 16 in Via Piumati, clashed the VW Polo led by ON, sixty-one year old Cherasco and Renault 19 led by LG, forty-year-old Bra. Driving drivers, while the cars involved were seriously damaged. Brigade Police Officers made the case and activated the sequestration procedure for VW Polo because it had not been paid for over a month for 6. Another road accident occurred in the afternoon of Monday 4 September in GB Gandino, at the intersection with Via Mercantini. The Fiat Punto led by IC, the eighty-year-old of Cherasco and the Fiat Palio SW conducted by KN, fifty-year-old Albanian resident in Fossano, clashed. Two more vehicles were involved in the crash, respectively a Peugeot 307 and a Nissan Micra who were standing near the intersection. Immediate relief work: the ambulances of the 118 and the Red Cross came in. Seriously damaged all the cars involved with the intervention of four wheelchairs to remove them. Five people are required to resort to shingles health care with prognosis between five and twenty-five days. A patrol of the Bra Municipal Police station was in place: Due to the complexity of the clash, in order to allow rescue operations and relief, traffic in the area has undergone severe slowdowns for over an hour.