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This morning, Tuesday 25 November 2005, the City Council of Bra handed a license plate to Domenico Impagnatiello, who just left his post as commander of the Bra railway police station. With him also the official who will take over the post, Michele Riente.

They are posted at the entrance to the urban cemetery of Bra and those of the hamlets Pollenzo and Bandito, the cemetery matriculation warnings for the 2005. For each concession of a loculus, ossuary, cobble cell that is due to expire, which will not be renewed by the end of the year or for which there is no explicit request for a waiver or a possible move of the body, it will be forfeited by office, for which forty years had not elapsed since the date of death, with the burial in a common pit.

It was inaugurated on Saturday 22 October 2005 the new Bra City Old Town Center. The new structure of Via Montegrappa received official baptism at the end of a mass and a ceremony in the presence of numerous authorities and about two hundred and fifty interveners. Among them were Bra's mayor, Camillo Scimone, who recalled how the work was planned by the previous administration and continued from the one he presided over. "One of the features of our city is to never let our attention be paid to promotion and animation in favor of the elderly," said Scimone, continuing: "Bra is a city to live because it is a vibrant city, lively in its cultural and recreational expressions, positive and attentive to those who are ahead in the years. "

We inform the population that on Friday 4 November 2005 all computer branches of the Hospital Headquarters and ASL 18 Alba-Bra districts will be closed due to the replacement of central electronic computers.
In practice, we will not be able to go to our counters to carry out reservation, payment, choice and withdrawal of the free choice of the basic practitioner and pediatrician, as well as common administrative activities.

A new sidewalk will be built in Bra, via Cuneo, in the section between via Gabotto and the border with the Municipality of Cherasco. This is the commitment the City Council of the City of Zizzola recently assumed, approving a preliminary planning measure that will affect the right side in the way of exit from the city, with the aim of completing the existing pedestrian system in the two municipalities.