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This morning, Monday 23 March 2009 met, in Bra the committee for public order and security, after the request formulated by the mayor Camillo Scimone to the prefect of Cuneo, Dr. Bruno D'Alfonso, to convene in the city the organism after the occurrence of some news events that have affected the city of Zizzola in the months. At the start of the session, the mayor of Bra Camillo Scimone thanked the prefect and the heads of the police present, underlining the particularity of Bra, "a quiet city that wants to continue to be. This is why, when some particularly serious events occur, the feeling of insecurity is easier on our territory. The municipal administration has already engaged in various initiatives to move towards greater perceived safety. It is also opportune to collaborate with the police, which I believe in our city has never lacked ".

The doors open to the public on the occasion of the class lessons of the "Adolfo Gandino" musical institute of Bra. Monday 23 March 2009, at the 18 at the Auditorium of via Parpera 16, will be held the appointment with the piano classes of Professor Luigi Buffa and the accordion classes of Professor Dragana Jovanovic. Wednesday 25 March will be the turn of the composition and chorus voices of Professor Giuseppe Allione, while Friday 27 March will perform the rhythm guitar class of Professor Sandra Masinara. Admission is free. (it goes)
New troubles of a judicial nature for BA, a forty-year-old woman of Moroccan origin living in the city. The woman had already been arrested in a few months by a police patrol of Bra and her car, a Volkswagen Polo, had been seized because it had no compulsory insurance. The day after the same woman was again stopped driving his car because it continued to circulate with the same car despite being seized and on the occasion the agents had withdrawn the license and seized the car again, moreover BA had been deferred to the judicial authorities for breach of obligations regarding custody and removal of seals.

Unlike the skilled and the business world: what can be done? This will be discussed in Bra for an entire afternoon at the cinema "Vittoria" in Via Cavour. Tuesday 7 April 2009, starting from 14: 30, will be the voices of entrepreneurs to tell the positive experiences of work placement carried out in the territory, in an event organized by the city administration of the city of Zizzola and by the inter-municipal social welfare association Intesa in collaboration with the social cooperative Orso. After the greeting by the mayor of Bra Camillo Scimone and the president of Intesa Piero Degetto, the provincial councilor at work will intervene Angelo Rosso and Stefania Bergia of Confindustria Cuneo.

Second meeting in Bra, Tuesday 24 March 2009, with the lessons of the Piedmontese language course. Starting at 21, postponing the start of the appointments by half an hour, Davide Damilano will present the first of the two meetings on the theme "Our Words: Reading, Speaking, Writing". Participation is free and registrations will also be possible on the evening of the course, held at the multi-purpose cultural center "Giovanni Arpino" of Largo Resistenza.