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The first part of the program of the 2007 Peace School - 2008 of Bra ends on Friday 23 November 2007 at 21 at the Cultural Center "G. Arpino ", in via Guala 45, with the meeting entitled" Remembering Don Milani "forty years after his death. Speaker, Agostino Burberi, vice president of the Don Milani Foundation and former student of the Barbiana School.
What is the training offer in Bra for those ending the middle school cycle? How to make a conscious choice to continue your studies under the Zizzola? The six evenings of "SpaziOrientamento", the initiative promoted by the Municipality of Bra, in collaboration with Secondary secondary institutes and vocational training institutes will help to solve the questions. The meetings will take place at the auditorium of the multi-purpose "Giovanni Arpino" multi-purpose cultural center, all starting at 20: 30.

thanks to the award of seven thousand euro, it has become a short film that is enjoying great success in international festivals. The film "Da lontano" was directed by his own screenwriter, Adriano Valerio, and starring Marco Cocci and Sonia Gessner and will be competing in the shorts section of the upcoming Torino Film Festival, as announced by its director, Nanni Moretti, in the days seen in the subalpine capital.

From Saturday 17 November 2007, between the 17 and 19, tickets for the first operetta of the season will be on sale at the Teatro Politeama di Bra box office. It is "Eva - La bella Cinderella", the show that will debut in the national premiere in the staging of the company of Corrado Abbati, taken from a libretto by Willner and Bodanzky, before his participation in the international operetta festival. Tickets cost twenty euros, sixteen reduced for those under sixteen with more than sixty-five season ticket holders from Alba, Cuneo, Fossano, Mondovì, Savigliano and the association + events) and can be booked via e-mail (at or by telephone to 0172.430185 and collected within 20: 45 in the theater on the evening of the show.

The greater presence of patrols and personnel on the streets, through the establishment of almost a second patrol service for patrolling the city center, has allowed to bring to justice a subject who in the past few days has been responsible for a theft in a business. In fact, a patrol received a report concerning the presence of two people who were sharing a street in the center of the foodstuffs allegedly stolen in a supermarket in the city center. The agents found the goods have noticed that from the nearby supermarket a furtive color subject was coming out; after having stopped him it was discovered that the same had just perpetrated a theft in the commercial exercise in fact he was still wearing the stolen goods. The subject, this 30-year-old EHR who was prejudiced of clandestine Moroccan origins domiciled in the city in an evident state of drunkenness, was taken to the Offices in via Moffa di Lisio and later to the Carabinieri di Bra for photosetting operations. The young man was reported to the Attorney of the Republic of Alba for aggravated theft, resistance and threat to a public official and for not having a document of recognition.(Source: Municipal Police Bra)