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Still available places for stays dedicated to senior citizens organized by the Municipality of Bra. Four travel proposals for 2008, with the first trip in just over a month. The first proposal is for a spa stay in the city of Ischia, from March 30 to 13 April, for a total of fifteen days. The fee is € 690 for accommodation in a double room in a four-star hotel, to which you must add 210 euro if you prefer accommodation in a single room. The fee includes the use of the spa facilities, the possibility of visiting the town with a guide and the presence of competent staff.

Also at the ASL Alba / Bra deterrent interventions were planned for the habit of smoking tobacco. Regional funding has allowed the activation of a treatment project aimed at people who, having a habit of tobacco smoking, feel the need to stop and keep abstention from this unhealthy habit.

Giuseppe Gullino will be with one hundred and twenty-four donations, one of the protagonists of the social party Avis Bra, scheduled for Sunday 24 February 2008. The social party will open with the Holy Mass at 10: 30 in the Parish of Pocapaglia, before the traditional assembly at 12 in Verduno. In the 2007 the Avis Bra group reached the 2566 donations, six percent more than the previous year.(Source: Avis Bra)
We can not remove the past, there is an ethical duty to remember even the most painful chapters of our history. Among the darkest pages, the tragedy of the foibe and exodus of Istrians and Dalmatians from their lands, commemorated the 10 February, "Day of Remembrance", established in the 2004 with state law in order to share the memory of those tragic events , after decades of silence that created a strong pain in those who experienced them.

Late Parisian atmosphere '800, in full "Belle Epoque", for one of the most famous and lucky works of George Feydeau, great author of the French comedy theater. At the Politeama of Bra "Tailor for lady", a truly irresistible piece with primers Zuzzurro and Gaspare, on the stage of the Braidese structure Thursday 14 February 2008 from 21.