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As part of the Annual Assembly of the Slow Cities Movement, which was held in Levanto (Sp) in recent days, it was also discussed about the presence of the Bra in the next edition of Cheese which will be held in September. In the wonderful scenery of the Cinque Terre, the delegates of the Municipalities who joined the association presided over by Roberto Angelucci (mayor of Francavilla al Mare) discussed all the next commitments awaiting the movement of the cities of good living.

From December 2004, the project "Eleutheria - Paths of social and employment inclusion" is being realized in the territory of Bra and Alba, promoted by the municipal administrations of the two centers and managed by Consortium Cis (Company of Social Initiatives) operative 2004 of the Gol (Local Alba and Bra Operational Group). The latter is a permanent table of conciliation and involves the various subjects that in the territory deal, in various respects, with issues such as the execution of the punishment and the reintegration of people working in the subject of restrictive measures of freedom.

In recent days, the Prefecture of Cuneo has informed the Bra Municipality of new spending limits for the candidate's election campaign at the upcoming regional elections of April 3 and 4. Based on the Istat revaluation of industrial product prices during the 2000-2004 period, the total amount for each candidate was raised from 32.157,66 € to the current 34.247,89 €.

Even from Bra drinking water bills disappears the voice of "guaranteed minimum consumption". The company operating the water cycle, Tecnoedil (Aegean Group), informed the City Hall about the modalities with which this tariff, which provided for the payment of a guaranteed minimum of drinking water (albeit at cheaper agevolated prices) regardless of consumption , thus weighing especially on those who spend only little or second homes, will disappear from the treasury bills.

The country parish priest is not one of the simplest crafts. Although the bucolic image may reveal a quiet life, in fact, in all countries there is also a lack of hot heads, for which the pastor ends up playing the role of a pacifier. This is what will happen to Don Lorens, the unlucky protagonist of the dialect comedy, scheduled on Saturday 26 March at 21 on stage of the Politeama Theater in Bra, entitled "Don Lorens ant ij pastiss!".