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In addition to the regular checks carried out on the territory of the city in order to verify that the yellow spaces for disabled people are not being used by those who are not entitled to it, in the last period, the Municipal Police of Bra is carrying out a series of cross-checks for make sure that the permits issued, whose deceased are dead, are no longer used by relatives who, in order to avoid the search for a parking lot, expose the mark and park in the yellow space.
Heavy the sanctions provided by the Road Code. In addition to the sanction for staying in space without a right (71 + two points on the license), the sanction on the abusive use of 71 to 286 € plus the removal of the vehicle is also applied.
Just in Bra, a motorist was surprised in the yellow space with the permission regularly exhibited but which was headed for a relative who had died for three years and, in addition to the sanctions, the agents also withdrew the permit. Please note that these permissions are only used and displayed on the vehicle when carrying the permit holder.

Parents and children on bicycle, side by side, on a Sunday to live together in roads away from the dangers. The occasion, the 2005 edition of "Bimbinbici", the annual pedal for the streets of Bra scheduled on Sunday 8 May 2005. I meet at 14 hours in front of the Davide Galvagno youth gathering center in via Brizio for the first footstep that will be given to 14: 30.

"We must not give so much certainty, but only one: the certainty that there is only uncertainty." Here is an example of the word games that Alessandro Bergonzoni will propose at the Teatro Politeama of Bra on Wednesday 4 May 2005 in the last appointment with the first official season of the renewed theatrical theater. "Preparing for the Deadly (Part One: The Unheard of)", this is the title of the show that, as usual for the istrionic actor in Bologna, will play everything on a truly uncontrollable verbal proliferation but will be able to "say" more than an ingenious and formal speech. All seasoned by a fast and frenetic rhythm that accentuates the musicality of anacid and verse.

Even this year, the Cologne Marine Marina Braidese puts at the disposal of the citizenship of Braids the holiday home in Laigueglia throughout the summer. The program provides for rabbit families: weekly shifts from 12 June to 11 September 2005. All rooms are equipped with toilet Daily quotation: June € 35,00 (children up to 1 year 50%); July August € 38,00 (children up to 1 year 50%); September € 35,00 (children up to 1 year 50%); Single room supplement: € 5,00 per day. The fee includes: accommodation in double, triple, quadruple, bedding, board, beach (excluding umbrella and deckchairs) for children from 6 to 13 years (completed): single shift from 3 July to 16 July 2005. Quota: for children residing in the Municipality of Bra € 350,00. For children who are not resident in the Municipality of Bra € 450,00. The fee includes food and lodging, assistant staff and animation. The rate does not include A / R Journey by Coach. Entries will be received from 7 on May 9.00 at 12.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00 (including holidays) at the Tourism and Manifesto Office of Bravo - Via Moffa of Liso 14 / 16 - Bra up to exhaustion of available seats
A rich calendar of events organized this year by the municipal administration of Bra, with the contribution of the "City Committee for the Declaration of Values ​​of 27 January and April 25", to celebrate the Feast of Liberation. Yesterday morning, Monday 25 April 2005, took place the ceremony with the deposition of crowns at the cemeteries of Pollenzo and Bandito, in Piazza Roma and piazza Giolitti, followed by the celebration of the Mass in the Church of the Holy Trinity (White Battuti) in Course I Cottolengo. Shortly thereafter, in the Resistance, middle school students in braids recalled with their intervention the themes of Resistance.