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Wednesday, 10 November 2004 at the Carmagnola Municipal Council, the Committee of the Industrial District of Carmagnola-Bra to examine the proposal of a group of companies in Carmagnola and Sommariva Bosco for the creation of "energy cogeneration systems for agricultural, portable and residential. "
The project proposes the development of the first regional biogas plant in which a micro-co-generation system can be used, which can also use natural gas or propane.

accident in holy cross
in the morning of October 29 a Fiat One led by CL and a Peugeot 205 led by OJ clashed in via Santa Croce for causes still being investigated by the crew of the Municipal Police Braidese intervening for the reliefs. In the left I am not wounded but only material damage to the vehicles involved; In addition, the Peugeot 205 driver has been withdrawn from the international driving license as a resident of Italy for more than a year and without an Italian driving license.

There are still about two and a half miles left for Bra's ring road, inaugurated in the 1998, to join the state 231 in the direction of Fossano-Cuneo. If there will be no problems in the coming months, this can happen within the 2006. These were the times for Roberto Russo, Transport Director of the Town of Bra, by the compartmental director of Anas for Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta, engineer Vincenzo Perra, during a meeting on the treble ring that had also involved the Public Works Councilors, Francesco Guida, and the patronage, Giuseppe Rosciano, of the Provincial Administration. The procedure for the intervention contract has already begun, to finish at the beginning of 2005. From that date, within six months, work will begin in a solar year, with the connection between the State Road and the Tangenziale already during 2006.

It will be the new waste collection service in the City of Bra, the Sea company of Turin, to deal with the skiing and snow removal in the winter by the time. It was decided by the City Council of the City of Zizzola in its last session, providing for a total expenditure of about ninety thousand euros, part of which destined for contractors who will operate, as has happened in the past years, with their own means.

Saturday 20 November 2004 will take place, in Bra, the "jazz improvisation" course held by Professor Giuseppe Bima within the activities of the Civic musical institute "Adolfo Gandino". The lessons that will involve the training course, aiming to highlight the potential of the participants in combining technique and improvisation skills, will be fifteen and will be held throughout the school year 2004 / 2005.