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Even Bra got the "Honey Roads" panel in Monta d'Alba. Delivered to the tourist councilor Michelino Davico by the vice president of the Province of Cuneo, Emilio Lombardi, in the ceremony held last November 21 in the township to celebrate the birth of the circuit of the eleven communes adhering to the initiative. Once installed, the panels will create a circuit that, starting from the town of Zizzola and along the Rocca Roero's backbone, closes at Cisterna d'Asti.

The municipalities of Bra and Alba, in collaboration with the Casa Circondariale di Alba and the Cuneo Adult Social Service Center, in the framework of the project "Agora, social inclusion paths" organized a seminar on policies implemented in the field of social reintegration and professional of citizens subject to restrictive measures of freedom.
The appointment is at Bra for Friday 3 December 2004, from 9 to 13, at the Cultural Center "Giovanni Arpino" (via Guala 45).

It is convened on Monday 29 November 2004 at 20,30, in the conference room of the cultural center "Giovanni Arpino", the council of Bra.
On the agenda some municipal budget resolutions, as well as the approval of the new regulation of the City Auditorium Meeting Center.
At the same session, the town council will be subject to the approval of the charter of certain companies, of which the City of Bra has a participation.

This afternoon, Wednesday 24 November 2004, the Regional Councilor for Valorisation of the Piedmont Knowledge, Gipo Farassino, visited the Municipality of Bra where he met with the administrators of the town of Zizzola. Accompanied by the Municipal Councilor for Cultural Resources, Michelino Davico, the exponent of Giunta Ghigo greeted Mayor Camillo Scimone.
There were also other councilors of the municipal council of Treviso and, with them, Farassino addressed some issues that will see close cooperation between the regional and the city administration in the years to come. In particular, the activities that the municipal body intends to promote in the fields of culture and tourism have been widely debated.

The best literature for kids has for some years been a fixed date at Bra (Cn). In May, from 18 to 22, in the city of Zizzola will be held the 6th edition of the "Children's Book Salon", hoping to repeat the great success achieved in the past years when the pavilions of the covered Market of XX Settembre were taken 'assault by tens of thousands of young people from all over northern Italy. In order to continue the success of the event, 2005 will also be presented with the "Giovanni Arpino Prize" for children's literature, with three distinct sections that will allow publishing authors for the youngest to take home a total prize pool of five thousand euros . The notice to participate was published on the Internet site of the City Council of Bra ( in the section "The City") and will expire on 31 next January.