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Discounts, greater accessibility to the structure, extension of subscriptions to outdoor installations in the summer months. These are the main novelties for the 2004-2005 season of the Bra indoor pool, which came out after the meeting held in Town Hall over the past few weeks among the managers of the facility, the Sbn chaired by Gian Marco Gallo, and the City Councilor to the sport, Gian Carlo Balestra.

Possibility of addressing issues that want to raise awareness, reflect and invoke confrontation on topics such as penitentiary and alternative sentences, criminal mediation experiences, and damage compensation in the social context. The opportunity, starting on Monday 27 September 2004, is to follow a training and deepening course, for five evening rendezvous for citizenship, promoted by the Municipalities of Bra and Alba, in collaboration with the Casa Circondariale di Alba and the Adult Social Center of Cuneo, under the "Agora" project. Paths of Social Inclusion ", funded by the Piedmont Region.

Bra, also for the 2004-2005 school year, are adult courses made in collaboration between the City Administration and the Alba-Bra Adult Education and Training Center. On the premises of the "Piumati" secondary school, via Craveri number 7, will start an afternoon and an evening of Italian for foreigners and a course, always in the afternoon and in the evening, for the achievement of the media license always aimed at immigrants.

Questions, not later than the 12 5 November 2004, for the assignment of public housing residences. This is foreseen by the new call for new accommodation or others that will be available for residents in the municipalities of Bra, Cherasco, Narzole, Verduno, La Morra, Pocapaglia, Sommariva Pin, Santa Vittoria d'Alba, Sommariva Bosco, Ceresole d'Alba and Sanfré. For those who reside outside this territorial catchment area, you may apply for a claim in the municipality where the main activity is carried out.

Saturday 16 October 2004 at 17.30 is scheduled to be the winner of the Dedalus 2004 Award winner, which will be determined by an expert jury coordinated by Andrea Branzi's prize-winner and voting cards that will be compiled by the audience who will visit the exhibition. The winner will be awarded a prize of € 6.000