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The "pedibus" operation, the bus on foot, will start on Tuesday 7 JUNE 2005 in Bra, a project that aims to collect school children from different towns in different parts of the city, creating pedestrian pathways towards individual institutes. The initiative will start experimentally for the boys of the elementary school "Edoardo Mosca", to extend from the next school year to different realities of the historical center and beyond. This was discussed this morning, Wednesday, June 1st, at the last session of the Bra Councils' Council, before the breaks of summer vacation jobs.

It continues with enthusiasm the work of the Municipal Commission for Hygiene and Health of the Municipality of Bra. During the sessions, chaired by Cristoforo Ferrero, some of the topics of close relevance to the situation of the city's health services were addressed, with special emphasis on the analysis of the issues at the Hospital Santo Spirito, the main public health care garrison.

It was presented this morning to Bra (Cn) the fifth edition of Cheese - The Milk Forms, the great international event dedicated to the production of cheese and in general to the dairy sector. It is a unique opportunity to get together, during the four days of the show (16 / 19 September 2005), all European Dop and Igp, in addition to cheeses and producers coming from even the farthest countries.
"We want Cheese to be the party of all," said the Mayor of Bra, Camillo Scimone. "The wigs have long since realized that the Cheese operation is not just a promotion initiative and a holiday occasion. Cheese throws the foundations to feed the tourist resource and qualifies the city by implementing commercial, receptive and catering activities. Its cadence ends up guiding our choices, preparing a chronoprogram of initiatives that are conciliatory with the times of the event. "

Bra will arrange garbage collection for private individuals on the Day of the Republic Day. Also due to the fact that the party falls on Thursday, when the historic center is affected by the collection of waste differentiated by the "door-to-door" system, the 2 June operators of the service concession company Sea will provide to collect bags normally throughout the city.

Activities worthy of attention were the students of the 5th year of High School Saint Joseph of Bra, organized by the Active Labor Policy Service under the project "Do the Right Thing!", Promoted by the City of Bra. The students of the fifth grade of high school Saint Joseph, who were previously involved in an orientation course, participated in working-class alternation workshops that saw the full involvement of some productive realities of the territory, identified on the basis of the propensity and orientation of training and professional boys.