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Six points on the agenda and, among them, the challenging discussion on the third change to the 2005 forecast budget.
This is the Bra Council's program that will come back to Thursday 16 June from 18.
With the convocation of President Vuerich, members of the city's largest assembly will meet in the conference room of the multi-faceted cultural center "Giovanni Arpino" of Wide Resistance.

For those who are from zero to eight years old, there is an extra reason to attend Bra's pools at Senator Sartori. From Tuesdays 14 June to Friday 15 July all Tuesdays and Fridays, in two separate moments that will start at 11: 30 and 14: 30, the Civic City Library animators will give birth to a fun reading lab directly on the bathtub.

Meeting this morning, Tuesday 7 June 2005, at the Municipal Palace in Bra between the Municipal Council and Regional Councilor Franco Guida, the predecessor of Camillo Scimone in charge of the first city citizen of the town of Zizzola. During the meeting, a number of issues related to the requests submitted by the civic administration of Treviso to the Piedmont Region were discussed, at which the Councilor (who is a member of the Urban Planning, Budget, Health and Culture Committees) has provided support and collaboration. In particular, the question of overcoming the transition to the level has been deepened, whose draft drawn up by the Oltreferrovial Committee "must be deepened in a meeting to which Bruna Sibille regional councilor and the provincial councilor Giuseppe Rosciano, "said Guida, believing" interesting "the proposed solution.

He has the title "Odd and Even" on the occasion of Saturday, 18 June 2005, will open in bra on the youth universe and their participation in public life. Starting from 15, the Auditorium of the Brain Savings Bank in Via Principi di Piemonte, prominent members of the Abele Group of Turin will present their reports on topics that will measure the capabilities of modern societies to perpetuate the principles of democracy. The meeting will then open a wider debate involving the various actors directly in touch with the city's youthful universe and here will also naturally be located the official presentation of the "Bra Junior Manifesto", created by the group of children who participated in project of peer education, ie the project of contamination in juvenile participation by children to their peers.

Four new riders were awarded this morning, Tuesday 7 June 2005, by the Municipal Council of Bra. This is Gian Carlo Garbelli, former deputy commander of the municipal police, Giacomo Berrino, a historical videoperator of the major city events, Luciano Cravero, a local press photographer and collector of two-wheeled vehicles, and Giuseppe Prato, who has long been involved in trade union activity and consumer protection.