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Tuesday, 21 June 2005 is convened by the City Council of Bra, in the conference room of the multifunctional cultural center "Giovanni Arpino" of Wide Resistance.
Since 18,30, the city's largest assembly will begin discussing the items on the agenda and, among other things, approving the management statement for the financial year 2004.

They are in the process of publishing, with the possibility for anyone to view up to the 13 July including 2005, the acts of a recovery plan regarding the real estate sites in Bra, via Craveri corner via Provvidenza. Preliminary draft work is available from Monday to Friday at the secretary office of Bra Commune in the Fallen Square for Freedom 14, on public time from 8,30 to 12,30. In festivals and pre-festivals, urban planning events can be consulted at the offices of the Municipal Police Command in Moffa di Lisio, from 9,30 to 11,30 (in case the patrol officers are in patrol, they can be found at 0172.413744 or 329.2104360).
Starting from 14 July and until 12 August including 2005, anyone can submit comments, public and general interest, to the Municipal Communications Office.

"This is my face, we hope you like it." With a screaming release from all the young participants, on June 11, on June, ended in Bra the rhymes of the "Nido aperto" edition of 2005 edition, the initiative organized by the municipal nest nest to make to know all the services provided in the street of Fallen Work. Directed by the actress Marina Berro of the theater company "Il Melarancio", which connected all the activities carried out during the teaching year, were in one hundred and fifty to participate in the afternoon that highlighted the quality of the services offered by the Woolen Nest.

The City of Bra has again again this year the marine stays for the elderly in some suggestive resorts of the Ligurian Riviera.
Last Friday, June 10, it ended with delightful results in staying at Alassio at Hotel Adler which took place from May 27 to 10 June 2005.

On Friday 10 June at 11, at the Bra Hall Hall Hall, the scheduled meeting between the Mayor, the Municipal Council and the Board of Directors of the ASL 18 Directorate took place. In the opening session the Mayor of Bra, dott. Camillo Scimone thanked Dr. Morabito for the availability to meet regularly the representatives of the City to discuss the problems concerning the sanitary wreaths and in particular the hospital Santo Spirito.