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Thursday 30 June 2005 expires on the possibility of applying for a discharge permit for all those with civil discharges (ie domestic waste water) not connected to municipal sewerage. For the sake of precision, these are dwellings that drain waste water "in surface waters, on the ground or in the surface layers of the subsoil", so they are not connected to the collectors of the public sewerage system. The competent authorities will then have one year's time, expiring on 30 June 2006, to issue permissions.

There are about thirty companies that have accepted the invitation of the Carmagnola-Bra Industrial District Committee, attending the 24 Regional 1997 regional law seminars on business systems, which took place in Sommariva Bosco, Ceresole d'Alba and Carmagnola in over the past few weeks. Enterprises belonging to different sectors located in the ten municipalities of the District: from metal engineering to wood, from food industry to electronics. Seminars, even through direct testimonies of those who have already followed the path of the consortium or the association of companies, have shown that the development and competitiveness of enterprises also pass through the ability to join together.

About two months have been in operation for two new motorcycles for the Municipal Police of Bra. This is a powerful two-wheeler that goes hand in hand with the patrol and caretaking services, other bikes in the Command but in use for twelve years.
With new purchases, the Nucleo motorcyclists (consisting of ten agents) will have four means to allow timely interventions. The new motorcycles have been set up by a specialized company that has included, in addition to normal equipment (sirens, flashing, stickers) an extinguisher, a first aid kit and a fire retardant.

(source: Police Command Bra Bra)
Landowners and tenants will need to provide Bra for cleaning from ripe grass, I fall, stroll to St. Michael's Road, Gandini Road, Bona Roads, Bersaglio Road, Cuco Road, Duke's Road, Fey Road , Via Tanaro, Via Sant'Ignazio, Via Piroletto, Via Cuneo, Via Balau, Terlapini Road, Biola Street, Old Turin Road, Gerbido Road, Molini Road, Montepulciano Road, Montelupa Road, Montepulciano Road in Mezzogiorno. This is an ordinance issued by the head of the Municipal Public Works Department, the archettate Giovanni Galletto, to give away the expertise to clean up the road on private funds.

In the autumn of Bra, with interesting new features, adult courses will be organized by the Permanent Territorial Training Center in collaboration with the Municipal Informagiovani. In addition to the traditional courses for obtaining the average license (period: October 2005-May 2006, 350 hours, free) and Italian for foreigners, with a basic and advanced free course starting in October 2005, it is possible to come activated a specific course for only foreign women twice a week, in the morning from 9 to 12.