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The City Council of Bra has entrusted the task of designing the expansion works of the elementary school of Madonna Fiori. To work on the drafting of the works will be the technicians of the Municipal Public Works Department, coordinated by the manager of the sector, the architect Giovanni Galletto, who will have the task of arranging the project hypotheses of enlargement also because of the need to face the demand for new subscriptions in the years to come.

A nice program for a summer in town. Bra thought to the extreme sections of the population, young and old, to set up a rich bill of events, renewing the collaboration between the City Hall and the Madonna Fiori Neighborhood Committee.
From July until the beginning of September, appointments will be held uninterrupted both at the Madonna Fiori avenue skating rink and at the Galvagno Center in via Brizio. In this latter venue will be the moments of "Young Summer at the Casetta", the series of volleyball, basketball, table football, table tennis, skate, music, forums and all that the fantasy can suggest for a young summer , with appointments every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday starting at 21. In September, however, a special space for young music will feature "Young Rock Night", which aims to engage young people in the field of the seven tales.

Acts in the City Hall in Bra until the 15 next July are about the variations of the acoustical classification of the territory, which the city council of the town of Zizzola approved in May last. It is known by the Town Planning Department with a notice posted in these days in the city, which provides for free consultation of the proceedings from Monday to Friday, on 8: 30-12: 30, and Monday to Thursday from 15 to 17 at the General Secretariat of the City of Bra (Square for the Liberty, First Floor), while in the pre-festivals and holidays the acts will be visible to the Municipal Police Command in Via Moffa di Lisio from 9: 30 to 11 (in the case of agents not present because in the patrol, by calling the numbers 0172.413744 or 329.2104360).

Professional ability combined with profound humanity in accomplishing a sometimes ungrateful job, a respected respect for institutions, a communicative shrewdness that extrinsic in professional and personal relationships. This is the essence of the interventions that were heard in the courtroom on the first floor of Garrone Palace during the ceremony held this morning at the Tribunal in Bra, with the presence of the family members and numerous representatives of the Albanian and Treble court , to recall the figure of Dr. Aniello Russo, a judicial officer who disappeared on 29 June 2004.

The criticalities encountered with the new recycling system, which has adopted the "door to door" system, and opportunities, both in environmental and economic terms, in the use of new waste management methods in a town of almost thirty thousand inhabitants. This is the sense of intervention that the councilor of the City of Bra, Giovanni Marco Gallo, held this morning, Thursday 23 June 2005, in Cuneo, during the conference organized to analyze the various initiatives promoted by the Communes of Granda to address the themes of sustainable development.