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The Representation of Statutory Auditors of ASL no. 18 "Alba / Bra", together with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Auditors and the Company's General Management, convened on 4 July 2005 for a thorough examination of the situation of the work of the new Hospital of Verduno.
During the meeting, it was unanimously reaffirmed the will of all local governments to quickly complete the procurement work for the assignment of the works.

Stimulate more and more differentiated green and organic harvesting at Bra, by making special bin containers available to learn how to perform "compost" properly. This is what the "Offering Project", created by the waste collection service contractor company, is proposed by Sea, which has provided a promotional supply of one hundred and twenty compounds to the municipal administration, which will be able to allocate them in a commission to those who will ask for it.

Over half of the 2005 has already been able to draw an initial report about the road accidents that occurred in the first six months of the year in Bra, among those who saw the involvement of municipal police officers. The decline compared to 2004 is noticeable: in the first six months of this year, the 38 Municipal Police patrols were reported by 16, with 64 injured, while in the same period last year they were XNUMX. Among the causes that have contributed to the reduction of claims, certainly the entry into force of the "patent license" also because in other types of violations, such as the passage with red, the use of the phone at the wheel, the lack of connection of the belts and high speed, they did not mention a reduction. It should also be remembered that in many dangerous intersections of municipal territory, roundabouts have been installed, public lighting has been improved and some roads have been re-paved, making sure that circulation is safer. We must not forget the contribution of law enforcement who, with their presence on the streets but with many control posts, tried to prevent and repress less responsible behavior.

In the city that will be "Bra City of Music" throughout the summer, the great tradition of folk music returns with three exceptional concerts on Thursday in July. It is the proposal of "The Rhythms of the World and Cultures" that, years after the first edition of the famous "Canté j'euv", which brought Bra to attention on the link between music, culture and territory, will bring again one of the main squares of the city, the central Square Fallen for Freedom, world and tradition notes with three appointments with Sirtaki of the Sirtos, Su Masu's singing and dancing dancing and the "new wave Bhangra" of the Achanak.

On the morning of Friday 17 June in via Marconi in Bra, near the square Valfrè di Bonzo, they met an Alfa Romeo 147 conducted by BC and a Citroen Saxo led by SO. The incident was the only consequence of material damage to the vehicles involved, but as drivers failed to agree, they requested the intervention of a Bra Patrol Police Brigade.