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A Summer Boys going in the direction of the fun, the pleasure of getting together, without however giving up quality and content.
Eighteen participants, including children and grandchildren, met yesterday evening, Tuesday 26 July 2005, at the elementary school "Edoardo Mosca" for the closing party of the 2005 edition of "Summer Boys", a communal service very much appreciated by pupils of elementary and maternal schools who stay in the city during the summer.

A dense September of excellence in Bra, this year, with a double combination of events leading to the streets of the city of Zizzola. From 16 to 19 September 2005, the fifth edition of "Cheese - Milk Forms", will transform Bra into a center of great interest for the presence of the largest show of cheeses around the world ever made while animating the city, from the 24 to the 25 of the same month, will be the edition of the ten-year "Courtyard Courtyard", the gastronomic event organized by the Municipal Administration of Bra in collaboration with the Atl of Langhe and Roero, Ascom and the Ente Events. At the two events, which will bring a large number of visitors from all over the world to the city, the treasure shops will only be able to arrange the exhibitions in front of their exercises, to use which promotional spaces to present the best merchandise.

Road inspections

In the afternoon of Saturday, 16 July, a municipal police police patrol during a city road control sanctioned a driver of a car that, despite having taken just three days' driving license, was already circulating without using the seat belt. As a result, the doubling of the discounting of the patents provided by the Code (5 points for 2) was therefore doubled, so the young man was found with only 10 points in the asset to which the 68,00 should be added, which must correspond to the verbal office of via Moffa of Lisio within 60 days.

During the last week, a police Volkswagen Polo and an Atala scooter were seized by Bra Municipal Police, as they were surprised to travel without compulsory insurance during a road check. In addition to the Administrative Sequesters, their owners will also have to pay the sanction provided for by the Road Code that is equal to € 716,00. Always on the subject of road traffic controls by the Municipal Police of Treviso, it should be noted that in the last two months, 15 cards have been withdrawn to the same number of non-regular drivers. In this case, in addition to the withdrawal of the circulation card, the planned penalty is € 143,00.

A very varied production that combines traditional music and singing with western dance rhythms, combines the various elements and blends them with contemporary sound. This is the essence of the artistic performance of the "Achanak" group, which will be produced in the last of Bra concerts scheduled under "The rhythms of the world and cultures", the appointment with folk at ' inside the rich "City Bra Music" event bill.

A tribute to the jury at the decade of braids. This morning, Tuesday 19 July 2005, Ms. Ester Racca, owner of the homonymy color store for over half a century, was officially received by the municipal executive chaired by Bra Mayor Camillo Scimone.