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Bra from 14 to 18 May will be one of the capitals of children's literature. The ninth edition of the "Children's Book Fair" will have, among its themes, the world of toys and, what better occasion to visit the exclusive collection of ancient toys in via Guala? On this occasion, the "Toy Museum" will also remain open on Saturday 17 May, with the possibility of taking part in the visits without reservation. The doors of the museum will open in the morning from 10 to 12:30 and in the afternoon from 15 to 18:30.

Works in via Molineri and Via Piumati, in the Oltreferrovia district of Bra, for the construction of a new sewage collector that allows separation of domestic waste water from industrial ones coming from the production area of ​​corso Monviso. For this reason, the head of the Municipal Public Works Department, architect Giovanni Galletto, issued a lawsuit on Tuesday, 6 May 2008, to oblige all property owners of Via Molineri, in the stretch that runs along Naviglio di Bra , and via Piumati to provide, within 40 days, to the adjustment of the new sewage pipes.

This morning, 6 May 2008, Mayor of the Cultural Resources Council of the City of Bra, Senator Michelino Davico, presented to Mayor Camillo Scimone his resignation from office. On the same morning, the City Council was informed, informed of the change in its composition by the first citizen, who took over the delegations previously followed by Senator Davico, thanking him for the collaboration that has been made in these years within the municipal executive. (Rg)
The tender magic of a fairy tale, with the strength of the values ​​of friendship, tolerance and respect. The metaphor of "impossible friendships" will be the dominant theme of the musical fairy tale at the Politeama Theater in Bra, Sunday 11 May 2008, beginning with 17, based on a story freely traced from the story "A Gull and Cat History taught to fly "by Luis Sepulveda. By anticipating the initiatives of the 9 ° Children's Book Fair that will take place in Bra from 14 at 18 May 2008, this three-part representation by Master Carmelo Lacertosa will have musical parts that will alternate or coincide with the parts being played, effect of a live soundtrack, as part of a subdivision into small music sections (Interlude, Night, Prelude) and talk (scene I, etc ..).

"Failure to receive gas bill bills is due to the variation in the periodicity of issue introduced by our company since 2008, as well as some internal management delays, however, we are gradually providing our customers with adequate information through the sending of appropriate communication ". This is how Enel Energia responded to the mayor of Bra, Camillo Scimone, who had contacted the companies that run the gas distribution services in the city to complain about the disruption caused by the failure to bail in the past months due to the treasury users, possibility of receiving high amount invoices for consumption in the winter months.