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A crackling script. A brilliant, sparkling text. A story with lots of fun and intriguing ingredients: the classic triangle, with its marriage riots, betrayal, amusing blitz, rogue appointments, escapades, embarrassing misunderstandings. This is Derek Benfield's "Touch and Escape" that Politeama Theater Bra will propose on Tuesday 12 April 2011, with some exceptional performers: Vera Castagna, Marco Vaccari and well-known faces by Antonella Elia and Gigi Sammarchi.

Sweet intermezzo for the municipal council of Bra. During the session of the municipal council this morning, Tuesday 5 April 2011, pastry master Domenico Asselle presented to Mayor Bruna Sibille, to the chairman of the municipal council Fabio Bailo and members of the junta its chocolate creations dedicated to the Risorgimento, on the occasion of the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the national unity. The two creations are related to a national tricolor boot, highlighting the position of Bra, and a sculpture dedicated to the fathers of the national unity, with the busts of Vittorio Emanuele II, Cavour, Mazzini and Garibaldi. (Rg)

Closed doors to the municipal civil registry office in the afternoon of Tuesday 5 April 2011. To ensure the presence of all staff at a training course that will take place during the day, the door will not guarantee the afternoon opening from 15 to 16. It will still be possible to make birth and death complaints. (Rg)

It's Eva Gomiero to launch the animated readings in April in the kids room of the Bra's civic library. She will propose, from 17 on Monday, April 4, "Traveling Books", so many stories of distant and nearby countries, wind and sea pages told by funny children and strange animals for the "born to read" braids, included in the band from three to eight years of age. Seven days later, Monday 11 will be the turn of Daniela Febino of the Mapilapi theater of the cultural association "People" of Cherasco, always at 17, to open a mysterious trunk full of fantastic and magical stories.

Five evenings with the languages ​​of Piedmont. It's "Na farabòla", the theatrical show that from 7 May 2011, at weekends will take on the stage at Bra's Politeama Theater. Daily themes and cabaret, gloomy fun or bitter smiles, one of the appointments will also be dedicated to telling Bra's arrival to the Couttolen family, ancestors of St. Joseph Benedetto Cottolengo, with a show that will take place right in front of the holy house of the saint Bra.