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There are twelve, on the whole twenty-eight, electoral sections in the Bra Commune where they can vote in the next regional voters who use the wheelchair. This is the 1 seat at the elementary school in via Marconi, the 5 seat in the Vittorio Emanuele 200 elementary school, the 6 seat at the "Mosca" elementary school in piazza Giolitti, the 8 seat at the Centro Auditorio Old Center, 10 seat at the elementary schools of via Marconi 18, the 13 seat at the Rosselli 2000 meeting center. And again, the 15 seat at the elementary school of Madonna Fiori, the 17 seat at the athletics playroom in Madonna Fiori 53 avenue, the 20 seat at the Piumati elementary school, the 24 seat at Pollenzo's elementary school, the seat 26 at the Riva Elementary School and the 27 seat at St. Michael's School. To vote in these seats, if different from the assignment, a medical certificate issued free of charge by the ASL or a copy of the special driving license will suffice.

In recent years we have witnessed bloody and violent conflicts that we now thought impossible after the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall.
What are the causes and characteristics of these new wars? Can they be prevented? And how? And what are the possible answers of the international community? And finally, what is and what should be the role of International Organizations, especially of the United Nations?
These and other questions will be at the center of the 6 ° meeting of the Peace School, which will be held in Bra on Friday 11 March at 21, at the Conference Room of the Cultural Center "G. Arpino ", via E. Guala 45, entitled" Promoting Justice and Peace. The role of International Organizations.
We will talk to the professor. Antonio Papisca, Professor of International Relations and Protection of Human Rights at the University of Padua, and Archbishop Massimo de Gregori, Permanent Delegation of the Holy See to the UN

What were our forefathers under our teeth? What were their habits around the desco? How and with what drinks did the different dishes accompany you? Uses and costumes at the various times of history will be at the center of a cheerful cycle of conferences, organized in Bra, a city that in its hamlet Pollenzo hosts the first faculty in the world of gastronomic science during the three exclusive evenings. During the appointments, from the suggestive title of "Dinner with the Ancients", going up to the chair will be historians and scholars who will dig into the folds of millennia to provide a daily breakdown of both the ruling classes and the plebeians who inhabited the italic peninsula. All in the charming setting of the new Politeama Theater in Piazza Carlo Alberto.

After six and a half hours of discussion, the Bra Council has approved the budget maneuver for the current year last night on Monday 28 February 2005. At the end of a detailed analysis of the document, which revealed the various political sensitivities of the councils, the budget was approved with the votes of the majority forces supporting the Jury Squad (Bra Project, Forza Italia, Together for Scimone, United for Bra, North League and National Alliance) with a negative judgment from minorities (Democrats of the Left, Margherita, City of All, Commitment to Bra).
The session was opened by recalling the figures of Don Giussani, founder of the Communion and Liberation Movement, Beppe Manfredi, several times mayor of Fossano, and senator in life Mario Luzi, for whom a minute of observation was observed. The assembly chaired by Gian Massimo Vuerich then chose his own representatives in the Municipal Nursery Committee. This is Giovanni Rosso and Maria Teresa Casavecchia.

This morning, Thursday 24 February 2005, the City Council of Bra received in the Town Hall the Prefect of Cuneo, Dr. Bruno D'Alfonso. After his inauguration at the Summit of the Territorial Office of the Government of Granda, it is the first time that Dr. D'Alfonso returns to Bra, after his thorough knowledge of the area in the past years as Vice Prefect.