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City council 28.11.2018 / part 2

After the entry of the new municipal councilor Guido Gaia (Pd) who took over from Alberto Bergesio, the municipal council of Bra who met in the afternoon of Wednesday 28 November 2018, began examining the proposed resolutions on the agenda. In agreement with the group leaders and advisers present, the order of the items on the agenda was reversed to move the discussion of the questions and 4 motions in the second part of the session. At the opening of the council, the mayor also gave notice of the grant to the Municipality by the Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo Foundation of a contribution of Xnumx thousand euro that will be used for the civic library and for the construction of a lift at the school "Rita Levi Montalcini ". The Finance Assessor, Gianni Fogliato, has therefore illustrated a budget change that has taken note of some contributions concerning the allocation of services to the person and specifically a provision of 250 thousand euros of the Cuneo-based social assistance consortium for interventions against violence gender (psychological accompaniment of women victims of violence) and 11 thousand euros of the contribution of the ASN Cn21 (ministerial funding) for unaccompanied minors. In the resolution also other changes in expenditure such as 2 thousand euro of integration for foodstuff purchases for the canteen, 40 euro for schools, 21500 thousand euro for contributions to school textbooks. Register also contributions (from the Region) of 35 thousand euros for the Craveri Museum and 11 euro credit Irap.

The subsequent debate on the ratification of the decision of the City Council for the use of the 2017 administration surplus destined for investments is ample. The assembly was called to take note that 50 thousand euros will be used to create a skateboard track (to which are added 20 thousand euros of private contributions for a project shared with the Panathlon Braidese) and 50 thousand euros intended, as already planned before the appeal that delayed the start of the intervention, for adaptation and restructuring of the soccer field and the athletics track. The project of the skate track was illustrated by the Deputy Mayor Massimo Borrelli: "It will be a place of aggregation that will be realized after a journey that has been inspired by the requests received by some guys who practice this sport that will soon become an Olympic discipline. We believe it is useful to expand the sports offer for our children, with new facilities and facilities, which are also points of socialization and meeting. The hypothesis is to create a tank that can also host regional and national competitions. It could be built in the Madonna Fiori area because in that area there are many sports facilities with which you could share services that already exist, for example inside hockey fields with the possibility also to regulate access and use of the structure . All the details will be examined in the commissions ". Many councilors intervened on the skateboard track project. "The project must be clear - said the leader of Bra Tomorrow, Davide Tripodi - we must understand the objectives, the location and we are voting for a budget change on which we have not been sufficiently informed". The same concept was reiterated by group colleague Sergio Panero. "I believe that the location of the track and the destination, if aggregation or facility for a competitive sport, should be shared with the guys who will use it," said councilor Abderrahmane Amajou (Bra City for life). "I think that priority should be shifted to the theme of play with respect to agony with a space of free access," added the representative of the Five Star Movement, Claudio Allasia. Both the councilor Roberto Marengo and the councilor Massimo Somaglia (Forza Italia) expressed their doubts about the allocation of funds given the need for other interventions in the city. The resolution was approved with 11 favorable votes.

Tax revenue regulation

Subsequently, the new general regulation of tax and capital income was illustrated by the Gianni Fogliato finance director, who met some requirements for the standardization of the parameters and procedures for the acquisition of revenues, payment systems, forms of management, procedures of extension of debts. "In the Finance and Tax Committee we had criticized the minimum limit of 500 euro to access the extension of payments - said the councilor of the 5 Movement Stars, Claudio Allasia -: I think this limit should be lowered to 200 euro. In that case, the only reason for this barrier was justified by the fact that lowering the ceiling would increase the number of taxpayers concerned, burdening the work of the local municipal offices too much ". Analogous to the intervention of Councilor Amajou: "If you can not lower this figure, I ask the possibility of payment in installments on the direct demonstration of citizens of their difficult situation to face the debt". Councilor Panero also joined the requests asking for a further specification on the right to question, while the adviser Davide Tripodi proposed to postpone the approval of the regulation to evaluate rather the possibility of outsourcing the service in order to extend the possibilities of installments "and not burden the work of the municipal offices". Fogliato answered: "We always put ourselves at the center of the people, on different taxes and as the Municipality of Bra we place ourselves among the institutions with the highest facilities. In addition there are many interventions in support of people and families with economic difficulties, on a case-by-case basis. But it is essential that taxpayers take responsibility ". The regulation was approved with the votes of the majority, against Allasia and Amajou, abstainers Ellena, Marengo, Panero, Somaglia and Tripodi.

Agreement with the braidesi butchers and honorary citizenship

The mayor then illustrated the proposed agreement with the Consortium of Butchers Braidesi for interventions on the slaughterhouse. "It is a convention that allows us to continue over time an initiative that started in 1992, when we had to choose whether to close public slaughterhouses or keep them open by adapting them to European regulations - said the first citizen Bruna Sibille -. The decision then to keep the public slaughterhouse open was important and farsighted, has meant that the number of butchers in the city has not decreased, has maintained the presence of the veterinarians of ASL at the facility and has contributed to the promotion of meat and of the Bra sausage. With an agreed investment of 8 thousand euros per year we will continue to support the business of butchers and the Brazilian slaughterhouse that needs continuous updates and we will continue to support a public service almost unique in its kind ". Admittedly to the initiative and to the farsighted choice of many years ago by the councilor Massimo Somaglia (Forza Italia) who emphasized the positive consequences for the entrepreneurship of the territory and the jobs. The deputy mayor, with responsibility for the assets, Massimo Borrelli then illustrated the resolution to update the plan for the alienation and real estate valuation 2018 / 2020. The Municipality intends to sell the building used as a municipal warehouse with its courtyard located in the area between Via Gorizia and Piazza Giolitti for a value of about 420 thousand euros. The provision was approved unanimously. The councilors then voted for the conferment of honorary citizenship to the writer of Brauntan origin, Gianni Farinetti. "The author of Braida today more known, one of the pride of our territory," said the Councilor for Culture Fabio Bailo explaining the reasons for the proposal. On behalf of all the members of the center right, Roberto Marengo (with Somaglia per Bra), expressed support for the initiative: "He has exported the name of Bra and has made it known to thousands of people". To express the convinced favorable opinion of the majority to support the resolution was the president of the council Biagio Conterno who recalled how "Farinetti, who lived in Bra as a boy, often returns to the city to present his books in events that are always very pleasant and full of memories ". The resolution was approved unanimously by those present. (it's at)

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City Council / 3 28.11.2018

The second part of the city council on Wednesday 28 November 2018 was dedicated to the questions and the four motions on the agenda. The municipal councilors Davide Tripodi, Sergio Panero (Bra Tomorrow), Massimo Somaglia, Marco Elena (Forza Italy), Roberto Marengo (with Somaglia per Bra) have asked for details on the activity of "complete census of occupations of public land and advertising signs and on the investigation of the correct stacking of buildings on the territory "started in recent weeks by the Municipality. The budget assessor Gianni Fogliato answered explaining the purposes of updating the institution's tax databases and verifying the correspondence of real situations with respect to the application of taxes. "The activities have already started - said the councilor - and focuses on spontaneous accession by taxpayers to allow regularization of positions that could otherwise lead to further and heavier measures by other bodies". The same councilors have reported the conditions of degradation of the Casa del Bosco road. The Councilor for Public Works Luciano Messa has illustrated some of the actions just launched and others that will have to be carried out, partly by private individuals and partly public. The next interrogation on two video surveillance cameras in Bandito fraction currently not working is also signed by the center-right opposition. The municipal police commissioner Fabio Bailo replied: "The two cameras in via Visconti Venosta have not been active for some months due to technology obsolescence and can not be repaired or updated. To reactivate them we participated in a call, but we have not been admitted to ministerial contributions. We will take part in other calls to strengthen the overall video surveillance system, which now counts 53 cameras ". The same signatories have asked for information on the street loopholes in Via Rosselli that the inhabitants of the area have reported as dangerous for the depth. The commissioner Mass replied: "We will try to insert an improvement intervention in the next framework of road interventions". From the minority also a warning about the danger of the pedestrian crossings of Corso IV Novembre, via XXIV Maggio (for which a bump was requested in via Boetto) and in front of the "Don Milani" school (for which the temporary closure was requested during entry and exit of pupils). The councilor Luciano Messa highlighted some interventions that have already been carried out or will be implemented to improve the visibility of the pedestrian crossings in specific contexts, including the hump in via Boetto. The councilor for the municipal police Bailo has confirmed that they are considering some hypotheses of modification of the viability at the school Don Milani that will be examined with the school, the district, residents and workers of the area.

He discussed four motions
The first motion to the attention of the city council was that signed by the majority councilor Maria Milazzo asking the Piedmont Region for a revision of the number and distribution of the "Cavs" beds (health care continuity) with specific assignment to the city of Bra. The text approved unanimously after some changes and amendments shared among the councilors, commits the junta to solicit the regional health department and the Asl Cn2 to review the allocation of Cavs places on the territory, including some even in Bra, starting from the structure of the constituting Casa della salute.
With a second motion, the Councilor of the Five Star Movement, Claudio Allasia, asked for exemption from the residence tax for serious disabled people and their carers as well as for people who stay in the city to assist inpatients in local facilities of the ASN Cn2. The majority, with the parent company Pd Maria Milazzo, proposed to involve in the variation path of the residence tax regulation also the territorial atlas and the exhibitors to establish together the modalities of implementation of an exemplary agreement. Councilor Massimo Somaglia (Forza Italia) also underlined the importance of the involvement of local operators. The text was approved unanimously.
The third motion presented to the city council was also signed by the Allasia councilor with the aim of conditioning the drafting of the bill for the establishment of the regional socio-health fund, according to the illustration made by the proposing counselor (based on a text approved by the municipal council of Nichelino), would entail "a substantial reduction and modification of the disbursements of health and social-health services that go beyond treatments in the acute phase of the pathology, introducing more, useless and cumbersome steps, which penalize the effectiveness the action of the social-health districts ". "There is a risk - Allasia said - that end up with the common health skills that are exclusively of ASL". The text was approved with some amendments proposed by the majority groups aimed at highlighting the fact that the process of amendment of the law "is underway and therefore not yet about effective provisions".
The last proposal of motion on the agenda, signed by majority directors, was on the subject of the Decree on Immigration and Security. The debate on the subject lasted almost two hours: many councilors expressed their opinions, both political and personal, on the issue of immigration and reception, and there were also references to the scenarios and to national and international positions. The original text of the motion was presented by the councilor Marina Isu who explained the reasons "welcome, inclusion and respect of rights" at the basis of the request to commit "the municipal council to solicit the prefect for a meeting with the mayors because new arrivals of migrants and relocations are in Municipalities that so far have not given availability to the reception and ask the Minister of the Interior and the Government to suspend the effects of the application of the Decree 113 / 2018 law, opening a comparison with the ANCI to evaluate together the impact of the Decree on the impact on economic, social and territorial safety ". During the debate, the councilor Roberto Marengo proposed an amendment to "ask the Prefect a meeting with the mayors to be spokesman with the government in order to urge him to strengthen means and structures to speed up the return of migrants who are not entitled to asylum "The amendment was rejected by the majority. The final text of the motion has instead accepted the amendment proposed by the Five Star Movement (Claudio Allasia) to change the second point and "ask the government to open a confrontation with ANCI and with all the social and institutional realities involved in the processes of integration and management of migratory flows to lead to the elimination of the Cas projects in favor of only projects to control and public management such as the Sprar ". The final summary by the president of the city council, Biagio Conterno, also took into account some adjustments proposed by the councilor Amajou who voted favorably to the text with the Five Star Movement and the majority. Opposition instead, by the center-right councilors. (it's at)

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The meeting of the municipal council of Bra today, Wednesday 28 November 2018, has opened with the subrogation of the councilor Alberto Bergesio (leader of the Democratic Party) who, as he had announced during the previous assembly, has resigned for reasons of work . In its place, among the council benches, Guido Gaia enters (first excluded from the same electoral list in the 2014), who returns to the council after he had previously been councilor and municipal councilor.

"I gladly accepted to take the advice of Councilor Bergesio - said Gaia - and I thank him for the work done up here. I thought that my administrative experience had ended, but I'm glad to see colleagues with whom I worked in the past and become part of this majority that supports mayor Sibille. I will try in this handful of months to make my contribution by being part of the Democratic Party group ". The president of the city council has also announced the name of the new parent company Pd, the councilor Maria Milazzo. With a subsequent resolution, the names of the directors who will replace Bergesio in the board committees of which he was a member were established. For the Finance Committee Tributi, Biagio Conterno has been appointed, for the Urban Planning Commission and the Public Works and Traffic Commission the same Guido Gaia. In taking word subsequently, several councilors have expressed their welcome and wish for a good job to the newly-advised Gaia.
It is possible to follow the live streaming of the session on the website of the Municipality of Bra, section City Council at the link: http://ow.ly/7wKh30mMJwW . (it's at)

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The city of Bra will have a new honorary citizen: it is the writer Gianni Farinetti, to whom the City Council has decided to confer the title in the framework of a public ceremony scheduled for Saturday 8 December 2018, at 15.30 at Palazzo Mathis.

It was a real territorial solidarity competition that allowed, thanks to the donations of more than 60 local realities between Municipalities, companies, associations and private citizens, to purchase a new and efficient multi-purpose vehicle to support the activity of the Detachment of the Fire volunteers of Bra.