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Piazza Giolitti and sporting sporting facilities in via Ballerini will be the fifth of the treadmill stage of the 2007 edition of "Sport in piazza", the initiative promoted by the Province of Cuneo and by the provincial committee of the Coni and realized by the Municipal Administration of Bra in collaboration with city sports companies. The idea is to make itinerary among sports facilities under the Zizzola the event, giving the opportunity to the widest audience to know the many opportunities to make sport in the city.

The intense rainfall that struck in recent days Bra was the cause of flooding in some parts of the city. For this reason, Mayor Camillo Scimone and his Board have agreed on the establishment, under the co-ordination of the Director-General, of a cross-sectoral working group among the various municipal districts concerned with the aim of detecting the situation of the complex water collection system, by verifying compliance with the municipal regulations governing the methods of disposal in the public sewerage system.

They contracted Bra to renovate the refectory and toilets in the nursery of Via Ospedale. The race, which included auction jobs for over two hundred and eighty thousand euros on the basis of the draft drawn up by the Municipal Public Works Department, was attended by fourteen companies, none of which were excluded from the Selection Board. To win the job, it was Ati's company Termoclima srl, which offered a downward rate of 14,33 per cent. (Rg)
Change of Commander for Bra's Carabinieri. Captain Sandro Colongo, who was already at the helm of the Zizzola City Command, has been responsible for the leadership of the Albenga Carabinieri Company this month. To pick up the witness from the officer, will be Lieutenant Pasquale Iovinella, coming from Campania. Both officers were received at the Municipal Palace today, Tuesday 4 September 2007, by the Municipal Council of Bra.

Observations, including environmental issues under 40's regional law 1998, may be submitted on the preliminary draft of the twenty-fifth variation to Bra's regulatory plan. This is what has been announced in a notice issued by the City Hall in recent days regarding the law-making procedure of the so-called "anticipatory variant", the urban planning device that is going to anticipate destinations and standards for six areas of the city. All documentation is available at the municipal offices and is published in the "Business Services" section on the official website of the civic administration. (Rg)