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Despite the variable climate, the transition to Bra in Spring time was a success. In fact, over twenty thousand have visited the city of Zizzola in the long Easter weekend, participating enthusiastically in the numerous events scheduled.

Is it possible to reconcile the protection of the landscape with the growing need for alternative energies? This is the demanding question we will try to answer Thursday 18 April, during the conference "The environment and renewable energy", promoted by the "Craveri" natural history museum of Bra.

A decisive and unanimous no to the closure of the birth point at the Santo Spirito hospital. This is the position of the city council of Bra, which met yesterday 26 November 2013 Tuesday. "We are very worried about a decision by the regional council that represents a dangerous starting point, opening an irreversible flaw for the entire health of the Braidese, forgetting that when he made the choice to build the only hospital Alba-Bra was guaranteed that nothing would be It has been touched until the new hospital is in operation "- said the councilor Cesare Ferro (Pd), chairman of the safeguard committee of the Santo Spirito hospital.

The activity of the School of Peace for the year 2012-2013 continues with the sixth meeting, which will be held on Friday 12 April 2013 at 21 at the Cultural Center "G. Arpino "via Guala 45 to Bra, entitled"Sea closed ", film documentary by Stefano Liberti and Andrea Segre. He will be a guest of the evening Ivan Jean Pierre Sagnet, delected for the laborers CGIL-FLAI erexponable project "The invisible collecting campaigns".

It was inaugurated, with a short ceremony that took place on Tuesday evening 26 March 2013, the new low-impact lighting at Piazza Carlo Alberto in Bra. "It was a good collaboration between public and private," said Mayor Bruna Sibille, who wanted to highlight how the initiative was implemented by the municipal administration on funding the Brava Cassa di Savio Foundation and with the collaboration of Sogete.