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Three exceptional performers, protagonists of the "Police District" fiction, for the first time together with theater, will stage the 18 April at 21 in Bra, the comedy "Therapy Therapy", the last event in the poster of the " Politeama Boglione ".

Removed a man for a drunken annoyance to Bra. It happened in recent days, when the municipal police patrol sanctioned for the crime of drunken drunkenness MS, a 30-year-old Moroccan citizen domiciled in the city. Before going on IV Novembre and then in front of the railway station, the man annoyed the passers-by. The agents, after identifying him, proceeded to challenge him for the violation committed by the penal code and to remove him from the area.

Blossoming flowers and mild temperatures: winter has officially closed and the new season is celebrated in the library. Monday 8 April, at 17 in the reading room, children from three to seven years will hear the story of Elio Giacone "Welcome Spring", while the following week - the 15 April always at 17 in the civic structure of Via Guala - Workshop 04 will propose the "Specials are born" story.

Try to bribe a municipal police agent to get a residence permit. It happened in Bra where a BR, a thirty-year-old Moroccan citizen living in the city, already known to agents for other crimes, was reported to the public prosecutor of the Republic of Alba for the crime of instigating corruption. The facts: an inspector of the municipal police, in charge of the verification of cohabitation between an Italian citizen and a Moroccan citizen to allow the issue of residence permit, verified that there was no coexistence between the two, thus making it impossible to issue the document. The man, however, approached the inspector promising gifts if the proceedings had ended positively.

Last days in Bra to subscribe to "Adopt an apprentice", the initiative that promotes ten paid internships of three months to bring the youth of Bra, Cherasco, Sommariva del Bosco, Santa Vittoria d'Alba or Verduno to the world of craft enterprises. By 12 on Friday 12 April 2013 young people aged 17 and 24 years resident in the municipalities that have promoted the project can submit their application to the Informagiovani of Bra, via Barbacana 8, where you can also collect a form also available on the web at