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Long live the freedom! The 25 April, the anniversary of the liberation from Nazi-fascism, is the feast of the people and of the Italian nation. Bra celebrates this important anniversary with a series of events that will involve citizens in opportunities for reflection, but also for conviviality and joy.

One hundred stalls will animate - Thursday 25 April - Piazza Carlo Alberto and Via Cavour, in Bra, as part of the traditional flea market and minor antiques. From the 8 up to the 20, collectors, antique dealers and restaurarobe will show off their old goods, for a hunt for the treasures of the past. On the occasion of the event, the entire area involved is forbidden to stop and transit. 

Nature has been a source of inspiration for many artists, who tried to translate its suggestions into notes, brushstrokes and images. The "Craveri" natural history museum of Bra, which for years has preserved and exhibited many facets of this variegated world, promotes two events - a concert and an exhibition - in which art is inextricably linked to the landscape, with surprising effects.

So many people, enthusiasm, interest and the presence of some of the grenade who wrote the most recent history of football Turin, from Antonio Comi to Claudio Sala. It was inaugurated in Bra, near the shrine of Our Lady of Flowers, Piazza Grande Torino, during a participatory ceremony that involved many local authorities and about five hundred football fans, after a public subscription in recent months addressed to the municipal administration supported by 1.700 signatures. The mayor officially inaugurated the monument was Bruna Sibille and on this occasion the verses of the Giovanni Arpino of "Me grand Turin" were read, an ode dedicated to the team perished in the Superga air disaster.

Braids disciplined in collecting the damp fraction of waste. To certify it is Ipla, the Institute for Wood and Environment, which analyzed the organic waste collected under the Zizzola at the time they were handed over to the Borgo San Dalmazzo disposal facility. Here, from the verification commissioned by the Coabser Consortium, it has been verified that composting the 95,89 percent of the total has been computed by collecting, thus making it possible to transform this material into fertilizer for use in agriculture.