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It will remain closed to Bra for a few months, in the stretch between the Cà del Bosco road and via De Gasperi, Crosassa road. Starting from Monday 29 April 2013 the transit in the indicated section will be interrupted due to important works that will allow the superelevation of the roadway and the complete rebuilding and adjustment of the underground services that cross the street. However, access and transit to residents will always be allowed, for an operation that is expected to be completed in about seven months. (Rg)
Meeting at the town hall in Bra, this morning Thursday 18 April 2013, to prevent the closure of the garrison citizen of the railway police. To meet the mayor Bruna Sibille, accompanied by the councilor Luciano Messa and the deputy councilor Pietro Ferrero, was the regional manager of the railway police, Dr. Salvatore Perrone. During the discussion, during which the main critical issues at the basis of the reorganization of the service were exposed, the members of the municipal administration of Braida reiterated the request to maintain the Polfer garrison in Piazza Roma as a fundamental service to guarantee the safety of passengers and the railway station area.

"Social happiness is called justice, which is not something already given, but something that must be built day by day". Taking the words of the philosopher and jurist Hans Kelsen, it is dedicated to justice - fundamental value for civil coexistence - the 2013 edition of the "Cinema e ... Valori" exhibition. For four Mondays, starting from the April 22, at Bra Cinema will be screened at a reduced price some of the most significant films of recent months, to reflect and discuss topics such as integration, racism, immigration, precariousness and workers' rights.

Regular collection of waste at Bra on the occasion of the liberation party on Thursday 25 April 2013. The operators of the service concession company, Aimeri ambiente, will collect the waste in the different areas of the city according to the methods normally provided for the different areas of the city of Zizzola. Not so Wednesday, May 1st, when the harvest will be suspended on the occasion of the workers' party. (Rg)
Amazement is staged in the civic library at Bra. Monday 22 April, at the 17 in the reading room, children aged three to seven can listen to the "Fantastic Stories" by Paola Bruno. The following week, Monday 29 April, always at 17 in the structure of via Guala, Stregatocacolor will tell the story of "Il gallo e la gallina".