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Often we associate pottery with the lathe, but in reality there are many techniques for making clay objects. The basic ceramic course, scheduled in May at the halls of Palazzo Traversa, in via Parpera n. 4, will allow all those approaching this type of art for the first time to learn the various ways of making and using the ancient clay forging techniques, from the colombino to the slab construction. Techniques that have their roots already in the prehistoric age and that can be admired - or used as a source of inspiration - also in numerous artifacts exhibited at the same location of the course, or the civic museum of art and archeology of Bra.

Controls by the agents of the municipal police of Bra continue and will continue in the coming days to verify compliance with the transit bans for trucks in some city streets. Over the last few weeks, a total of fifty trucks have been sanctioned, most of them in via Montello, a road used unduly by truck drivers as a shortcut from viale Fratelli Rosselli to via Cuneo. 

"We are already a single Alba-Bra hospital, even before the new structure of Verduno came into operation. For this reason it is not acceptable to close the birth point of the hospital of Bra, given that on this territory a rationalization has already been decided for some time, with the agreement that no service would have been changed until the new hospital was opened. Now it's up to others ". These words were repeated by several parties, of different political orientation and on different institutional levels, during the open municipal council that was held in Bra Saturday 20 April 2013. By obtaining a record for direct streaming video on the website, with 1.888 unique contacts, the session chaired by Fabio Bailo gave a voice to the municipal directors of Braida, to the representation of the mayors of the Asl Cn2, to the representatives of the region and the province, to the economic and social forces of the territory.

He was reported in recent days, by agents of the police patrol of the municipal police of Bra, HS, a thirty-year-old Albanian citizen prejudiced, living in the city. The alleged offenses, those of threat to a public official, false statements about their personal qualities and refusal to supply the particulars. The story begins when the man was in the company of a compatriot, who had left his car parked on a pedestrian crossing.

Statement of the financial management of the 2012 year, own municipal tax (IMU) and change to the 2013 forecast budget. These are the issues that will be addressed during the municipal council of Bra, convened by President Fabio Bailo for Tuesday 23 April, at the 20 in the council chamber of the municipal building.